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Private Jet Flights for Snowbirds Flying Back North - Charter Flight Group

Private Jet Flights for Snowbirds Flying Back North


February 28, 2022

Jordan Brown

The arrival of spring signifies the time to return home for thousands of travelers throughout the country. These individuals, called snowbirds, often leave their homes for warmer destinations to enjoy a more comfortable winter. However, when the sun starts to melt in the north, it is time to return home, and it is time to start booking travel arrangements to get there. Snowbirds who choose to fly via private jet charter experience a more convenient and hassle-free travel process.

What Are Snowbirds?

Snowbirds decide to travel south for the winter to escape their colder, year-round home. Snowbirds prefer to travel to locations where the weather remains relatively warm and sunny in the winter to avoid the hassles of dealing with snow and colder temperatures. Popular locations for snowbirds include the Sun Belt and Hawaii, while some even head across the border to Mexico or a Caribbean getaway.

Generally, snowbirds are retirees who prefer to enjoy the benefits of living between two locations. However, with the increase in remote working opportunities and the increasing popularity of year-round travel, young people are also becoming a larger part of the snowbird population.

As the spring approaches, thousands of snowbirds are going to plan flights to return back to their homes and say goodbye to their winter destination. Travelers and airlines alike are preparing for an increase in travel while the weather warms.

Benefits of Being a Snowbird

Snowbirds often like the appeal of living in two separate places over the course of a year and enjoy the several benefits. For many, staying in one place for a majority of the year allows them to stay close to their family, their routines and the long-time home they have grown accustomed to while avoiding the stress and discomforts of winter weather. Traveling for the winter helps erase the largest downside of living in your hometown while giving you the ability to enjoy all of the benefits.

For others, the benefit of living in another state throughout the year allows them to claim residency in a low- or no-income-tax state while paying lower non-resident income taxes in the other state. This helps many snowbirds save a considerable amount of money over the course of the year, as multiple snowbird destinations, like Nevada, do not have an income tax.

Meanwhile, other snowbirds experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, which comes as a result of spending long periods of time indoors and missing out on sunlight. Spending the winter in warmer destinations allows individuals to get much-needed sunlight.

Flying via private jet charter makes all of these benefits obtainable as it is convenient to book a flight to your winter destination and back home with no stress involved.

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What Are Some Popular Snowbird Routes?

The most popular winter destinations for snowbirds are mostly located in the Sun Belt. The Sun Belt includes states like Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona and more. These states offer multiple getaway opportunities and locations. As travelers return home, some of the most popular routes include:


Whatever your route, a private jet charter is a great way to avoid the hassle of scheduling and traveling with a commercial airline for the winter. Airlines often see an increase in travel towards the beginning of winter as travelers. Flying private is a great way to avoid the heightened crowds. With a private flight, you do not have to worry about traveling through long security lines as private flights leave from a separate section of the airport called a fixed-base operator. Private flights are more peaceful and give you the chance to skip the hassle of traveling alongside groups of other travelers, unlike commercial flights.

Commercial airlines also impose more restrictions on travelers, which can make it difficult for snowbirds to bring all that they need on their flight. Snowbirds leave their home for more extended periods of time than regular travelers, which means they may need to bring extra luggage or important products like toiletries on their return. Private jet travel is much more accommodating for travelers who need to carry additional luggage.

Flying via private jet charter also allows you to book your flight when it is convenient for you. The end of winter can bring many travel delays as the weather starts to change, especially with commercial flights. When flying privately, you can take flight at a time that works best for your schedule by booking at times that you know will avoid bad weather and peak travel times, avoiding the delays that come with commercial travel. With Charter Flight Group, you can even take off within as little as three hours from booking your flight.

Book Your Snowbird Flights Today

For more information about snowbird flights, contact Charter Flight Group today. With Charter Flight Group, flying north after winter is simple and convenient. We provide you with access to thousands of private jet model options on your way back home so that you can pick the model that best fits the needs of you and your family. Our 24/7 concierge service is available to help you plan your trip and consider all of your options, answering any questions along the way.

During private jet flights for snowbirds, we provide you with extensive amenities and comforts while maintaining some of the highest safety standards in the industry. Prepare your trip home and book your flight with us today.

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