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Charter a Private Jet Flight to the Silicon Valley

A private flight to the Silicon Valley in California has never been easier than simply picking up the phone and contacting Charter Flight Group. With more than 30 years experience providing the finest luxury jets from countless destinations worldwide, CFG can help you avoid the crowded airport terminals and long waits in security with your private charter jet. No matter your needs for your private charter to Silicon Valley, California, we can provide. With our superb focus on customer service, flight safety, flexibility, reliability, and professionalism, we have become a world leader in private charter.

One of the keys to our success has been a firm commitment to hiring and retaining only the best pilots, the finest certified maintenance crews, and the most knowledgeable private air consultants to serve you.
We carefully screen every applicant for flawless, extensive records and any not meeting our stringent standards must seek employment with others. In addition, to ensure the safest, most reliable private jet charters we secure the services of both Wyvern and ARGUS, renowned flight safety groups.

These help us not only exceed FAA regulations but also private charter flight customer expectations. Our customers expect the finest, luxury aircraft with the most reliable service and that is what we provide with every flight. Because we place such a premium on safe, reliable flights, we are able to offer private aircraft to client’s on-demand, one-way, and even empty leg charters. We have far more aircraft than can be discussed here, but to give you some idea, here is what you may choose for your private charter flight to Silicon Valley, California. Charter Flight Group has a vast array of luxury turboprop aircraft which are perfect for mountainous landings and short airstrips. In addition, our light jet fleet cannot be beat, for we charter everything from light Cessna jets and Lear jets to Hawker and Premier jets. In addition, we have numerous mid-size and large jets from which to choose such as Citation, Lear, Gulfstream, Challenger, and Falcon jets to name a few. Finally, even if you need something much larger, such as a Boeing 727, 737, Airbus, or even the amazing Boeing Business Jet, we can provide.

Your Private Charter Flight to Silicon Valley

Of course, the choice of jet may affect the choice of landing in Silicon Valley or vice-versa. Be sure to discuss these matters with your private air flight consultant who is available 24/7 to arrange your private jet flight to Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley encompasses several thousand square miles of territory in central California, so there are numerous locations in which to land your private charter flight from major urban locations to small cities and towns; the choice will depend largely on your needs and the nature of your visit to the Silicon Valley.

Most, especially if chartering a larger private jet to Silicon Valley, will choose either Oakland International or Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International as these two will bring you into the major region of the Silicon Valley, the heart of it all, so to say. However, some may prefer smaller, more private, or better located airports in Silicon Valley depending on the nature of their private charter trip. Indeed, you may decide on landing at South County Airport of Santa Clara, Watsonville Municipal Airport, Hollister Municipal Airport, Salinas, Monterrey, or many others, depending on where in Silicon Valley you need to be.

Regardless of your choice, your private charter consultant can make all the arrangements.

Private Air Charter to Silicon Valley
- Silicon Valley Highlights

Naturally, if you are planning a charter jet flight to the Silicon Valley in California, you likely already know that the major business focus in the Silicon Valley is tech-related.

In fact, Silicon Valley was so-named because about 28% of the economy is dedicated to high-tech and computer-related industry. Of course, other sectors include transport, finance, higher education, and naturally, tourism.

On the tourism side, some of the more notable things to do in Silicon Valley are the Chinese Cultural Garden in San Jose, Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, the Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara, the Cinequest Film Festival, Packard’s Garage in Palo Alto, Vasona Park in Los Gatos, Googleplex in Mountain View, the Great Mall of the Bay Area in Milpitas, Gilroy Gardens in Gilroy, and Lightheart Cellars in San Martin. The list is virtually endless for a person could spend a lifetime exploring all that the Silicon Valley has to offer, but this should give the private charter traveler a place to start.

Why Choose Charter Flight Group to Silicon Valley

Charter Flight Group provides the finest luxury jets coupled with the most experienced pilots to ensure that your travel is smooth and relaxing so that you arrive refreshed and ready for whatever you have planned.

Only CFG provides the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing nothing is left to chance because your flight consultant will ensure that nothing is left out of your itinerary.Charter Flight Group continues to grow and expand because we offer the greatest variety and flexibility in private flights. Our record of safety and customer service is unmatched.

Charter Flight Group

Take flight with us and experience service that exceeds the five-star treatment. At Charter Flight Group, around-the-clock service means wherever and whenever you need a flight, our jet charter company is ready. We fly to more than 6,000 airports worldwide. And in as little as four hours, we can have you wheels up, indulging in comfort and style aboard your private jet charter.

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We utilize one of the world’s largest and newest fleet of Jets and Turboprops, and operate with the highest standards of safety and service in private aviation.