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Chartered Private Flights to Oxnard, California

A private charter flight company like Charter Flight Group can provide you an on-demand and more luxurious way to travel, with or without your cargo, to Oxnard, California. As you may have found out already, there are numerous charter flight companies that offer chartered private flights to Oxnard or to any other destinations in the world, but no other charter flight company offers a highly commendable service and customer satisfaction like we can. CFG holds the advantage of having a large fleet size and a pristine reputation for offering comfortable, stylish, and prestigious private flights. The Premiere 1A for instance is a lightweight private aircraft which is just perfect for the busy executive in you. It has a strategically located storage spaces for bulky luggage and combines speed and comfort for a satisfactory private charter jet to Oxnard or to anywhere in the world.A group of executives flying together for a business trip would feel the same privilege as well if they pick one of the many heavyweight private aircraft from our database.

Every client of Charter Flight Group enjoys the privilege of choosing among a wide variety of private jet planes from the company’s extensive private aircraft database.
You will surely find something that will suit your taste and your private jet needs, from turboprop aircraft to lightweight, mid-weight, and heavyweight jets. Most of these private aircraft include a full bathroom, a bedroom and a comprehensive and splendid flight attendant service.

Like the Legacy 600 for instance, which can even accommodate an in-flight dinner because of its spacious cabin and superb in-flight services. With its commendable features, it’s no wonder why numerous executives favor this aircraft for all their private jet charter needs. But, aircraft variation is not the only thing that Charter Flight Group can provide its client. Even before flying, you will get to experience the great customer service that the company is known for. CFG features a 24/7 customer service that assures it can serve its clients wherever and whenever they need it. If you are planning to charter a jet flight to Oxnard, California through the Oxnard Airport (KOXR), we assure you will get to your destination in an invigorating experience that you may not want to get off from your private aircraft. Charter Flight Groups air charter services are also regulated by the United States government through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is to show you that we are not only offering convenience but also a highly safe and secured chartered jet flight. Aside from passing the stringent government standards, CFG also instituted a supplementary safety measure to all its private jet aircraft. This is by going through third-party audits by the Aircraft Research Group of the United States (ARGUS) and Wyvern. We only offer dependable and well-maintained private jet charter flights that will help our clients feel sheltered and protected.

Charter a Private Jet to Oxnard

So you want to charter a private jet to Oxnard, California? Your “arrival” airport is the county-owned Oxnard Airport. This busy airport is located just one mile from the center of Oxnard’s business district. Oxnard is a city in Ventura County, California.

The Oxnard Airport is situated on the coastal edge of Oxnard Plain, which is just a mile and a half from the city’s coastline. The airport is categorized as a general aviation, commercial service airport and can cater to chartered private flights as well as the aircraft’s maintenance and supplies.The airport’s location is in itself a convenience to anybody who flies a charted private flight to Oxnard because it’s not only a mile from the city’s central business district but also a three-minute drive to the city’s popular beaches. The airport is currently going through a series of expansion and maintenance projects that will make the airport more convenient and highly-developed so as to make it a more important asset not only to the residents of Oxnard but also to traveling businesspeople and tourists like you who come to the city in private charter flights.

Fly Private to Oxnard
- Oxnard Area Highlights

Oxnard City is situated in the western edge of the highly agricultural Oxnard Plain.

The city is known for its strawberry and lima beans export aside from its cultural and historical institutions. These historic attractions are but a twenty-minute drive from the Oxnard Airport and can be a good starting spot for business or leisure trips. These historic attractions include the Henry T. Oxnard Historical District, the Carnegie Art Museum, the Oxnard’s Heritage Square, and the Chandler Vintage Museum of Transportation and Wildlife.

The central district of Oxnard also offers everything for your daily needs. Including beauty salons, clothing boutiques, car repair, convenience stores, and more and everything comes with the friendliest service that you can find in all the state of California. Considered as the gateway to the central coast, doing business in Oxnard can be a breeze.

Oxnard is also the city for family fun and personal leisure. From hiking to biking, to surfing and golfing, Oxnard is filled with heart-pounding activities for both the young ones and the young once. To calm your senses, you can also go for a stroll at Mandalay Beach or kayaking at Channel Islands Harbor. Whatever your reason for your chartered private flight to Oxnard, you will sure to find something fun to do in the city.

Why Choose Charter Flight Group For Private Jet Travel?

Charter Flight Group is your charter company if you are concerned with accessibility, variation, convenience and security on your next charter flight to Oxnard, California.

We respond to every client’ private jet requirements in countless special ways that spells out safety and high quality service. With CFG, client relationship and satisfaction are very important and so providing you the best possible service that you deserve from a private jet company is inevitable. So if you really are planning for a safe and convenient private jet charter to Oxnard, make it meaningful and satisfying; make it a Charter Flight Group air travel service.

Charter Flight Group

Take flight with us and experience service that exceeds the five-star treatment. At Charter Flight Group, around-the-clock service means wherever and whenever you need a flight, our jet charter company is ready. We fly to more than 6,000 airports worldwide. And in as little as four hours, we can have you wheels up, indulging in comfort and style aboard your private jet charter.

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