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Private Charter Flights to Lubbock, Texas

If planning a private flight to Lubbock, Texas, Charter Flight Group has just the right aircraft and crew for you. One of the key differences between the competition and us is an emphasis on safety. This emphasis is important to all clients, but to CFG, it makes the difference between happy fliers on comfortable flights and dissatisfied clients wishing they had chosen some other carrier.

This never happens with CFG clients as we are there to ensure the comfort and safety of our travelers.
The reason we are able to achieve such results is because of not skimping when performing maintenance on charter aircraft, nor ignoring the findings of FAA and third-party auditors, nor hiring “warm bodies” to serve charter clients while airborne.

After 30 years in the private charter aviation business, we have developed a reputation for serving client’s private air travel with dignity, comfort, and reliability. Charter Flight Group recognized the reality years ago that safety is the key to getting people from point A to point B happy, relaxed, and on-time. In addition, when you book your private air flight with a CFG consultant, you will be given the choice of a myriad of light turbo-prop, light jet, medium jet, and large, even jumbo jet selections. Indeed, whether you need a small 6-9 seat charter plane or something that can carry several football teams, complete with showers and beds, Charter Flight Group has the perfect private aircraft for your flight to or from Lubbock.

Charter a jet to Lubbock

When you charter your private flight to Lubbock, you will have the choice of either Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport or Town & Country Airpark. For larger aircraft, Preston Smith is the better choice, but if something small is what you are taking, Town & Country will allow you to avoid the crowds and traffic north of Lubbock. Either way, once your private flight lands, you will have ready access to freeways into the city, for Preston Smith sits directly alongside I-27 whereas T & C sits off U.S. Highway 87 (technically I-27—eventually) just a bit. Of course, for business travelers, either airport is a fair choice of flight because the distance to most of the major businesses is about the same. North or south, either airport will do.

Private Plane Charters to Lubbock
- Lubbock Area Highlights

Private air travelers to Lubbock find there are many attractions of interest, so whether your flight is for business or pleasure, there is something for everyone.

For private charter clients interested in business, there are numerous Agriculture-related industries, Energy-related firms, and of course, the famous Texas Tech University, which boasts having the largest campus in the nation (most of which is farmland).

In addition, as soon as one disembarks from their private charter flight, they are sure to find the Silent Wings Museum of interest. Situated right next to Preston Smith Airport north of Lubbock, Silent Wings has a large selection of older aircraft, many of which served in flight in the Wars of America. Also, for those private charter clients interested in music, one cannot forget that Lubbock was home to Buddy Holly; a trip to the Buddy Holly Museum is sure to please. And of course, for those interested in nightlife, Lubbock has concentrated most of their nightclubs into a section downtown known as “the strip.” This makes for a fun evening of rapid-fire and reasonably safe bar-hopping. Finally, if any are interested in the outdoors, Lubbock has a number of spectacular locations. Within the heart of Lubbock, visitors will find Canyon Lakes, which make up the headwaters of the famous Pecos River further downstream. Also, children and adults alike will delight in visiting the famous Prairie-dog Town in MacKenzie Park.

Finally, many private charter business travelers may find it of interest that Lubbock has developed a considerable call-center segment of their economy alone with a thriving and well-respected medical segment.

Why Choose Charter Flight Group for your Private Jet to Lubbock?

Of course, there are many companies from which to choose when arranging your private charter flight to Lubbock so why choose us? Charter Flight Group has the best record of safety, reliability, and exclusive comfort of any private charter in the business.

Rather than wondering why, one may do better to wonder why not?

Charter Flight Group

Take flight with us and experience service that exceeds the five-star treatment. At Charter Flight Group, around-the-clock service means wherever and whenever you need a flight, our jet charter company is ready. We fly to more than 6,000 airports worldwide. And in as little as four hours, we can have you wheels up, indulging in comfort and style aboard your private jet charter.

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