Private Gulfstream Charter on G650 | Ultimate in Private Jet Travel

Private Gulfstream Charter on G650 | Ultimate in Private Jet Travel


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Private Gulfstream Charter on G650 | Ultimate in Private Jet Travel


Since its introduction in December of 2012, the Gulfstream G650 has become the most sought-after corporate jet around. With good reason. It’s the fastest, the most spacious, and has an ultra-long intercontinental range with best-in-class fuel economy. Consider a private Gulfstream charter for your next business trip or family vacation, and see for yourself why the G650 is the gold standard in the private jet market.

Gulfstream G650 Innovations

The twin-engine business jet is built by Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, Georgia. During the planning stages that began about 2003, Gulfstream did something unprecedented. They put together an Advanced Technical Customer Advisory Team (ATCAT) to ask potential customers exactly what they wanted… and then built it. And delivered it on time.

Gulfstream G650 cabin interior

One major innovation was the use of bonded skins that allowed Gulfstream to create an oval-shaped fuselage for more comfortable seating areas, a stronger structure that could easily withstand higher pressurization values, and an aircraft that would be more cost-effective to produce.

The G650 is also the first Gulfstream aircraft with full fly-by-wire (FBW) flight control technology that links the pilot controls in the cockpit to the flight control surfaces on the airplane. Gulfstream is the first to add these electric primary flight controls, which have major safety benefits, on top of dual independent hydraulic systems. They developed the system with Thales Canada.

Another first in the business jet market was the implementation of Integrated Vehicle Health Management technology, provided by GE Aviation Systems. It continuously manages and analyzes data throughout the flight creating report about the health of the engines, avionics, power, cabin and other aircraft systems. A wireless web-based connection links every G650 to a Ground Services Network (GSN) and delivers a real time picture of the aircraft’s health for Gulfstream and the operator to access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Reasons to Consider a Private Gulfstream Charter on the G650

The Gulfstream G650 is bigger than the very successful ultralong-range G550, has an even longer range (7,000 nm), is faster (Mach 0.925; 704 mph), weighs less than 100,000 pounds (the maximum for some of the most important business airports, such as Teterboro (TEB)), and can operate in and out of the same airfields as the smaller Gulfstreams.

A private Gulfstream charter on this jet means you’ll be able to land even at small airports, avoiding the congestion at some of the busiest ones. With 8 passengers and a crew of four, fly non-stop from New York to Tokyo, Shanghai to London or Los Angeles to Moscow in 40 minutes less time than the same trip on a G550.

The innovative pressurization system has a 100% fresh air circulation capability. That’s a pretty amazing engineering feat and one unique to the G650. The cabin is also pressurized to a higher level than normal, even at 45,000 cruising altitude. You’ll feel like you’re breathing at an altitude of 3,000 to 4,000 feet, not 8,000 like on commercial jets , and you’ll arrive at your destination feeling more relaxed, refreshed and alert than you would on any other business aircraft.

Need a few more reasons to book a private Gulfstream charter?

  • The G650 has 16 of the largest windows of any private jet. They let in lots of natural light which fights off fatigue and drowsiness.
  • It’s quieter than any other business jet when airborne.
  • It can seat as many as 18 people.
  • It has the tallest, longest, and widest cabin in its class.
  • It has most of the sophisticated avionics rivaling nearly any other aircraft in the sky.
  • At its maximum takeoff weight, it can climb to 41,000 feet (avoiding bad weather and crowded commercial jet routes) in just 22 minutes.
  • You can use an iPhone app to control the TV screens, and things like lighting and opening/closing the window shades.

Gulfstream G650 was unanimously awarded the Corporate Jet Investor Award for the best aircraft of 2014. A private Gulfstream charter will allow global business travelers to enjoy the myriad benefits of this world-class aircraft.

Fantasizing About Owning a G650?

If you’re itching to buy one and have a money tree in your backyard, you won’t balk at the $64.5 million sticker price. But don’t expect to write a check anytime soon; the G650 is back-ordered until about 2018.

N762MS Gulfstream G-VI (G650) Walmart Aviation...
N762MS Gulfstream G-VI (G650) Walmart Aviation cn 6008 (Photo credit: dreamcatcher-68)

Gulfstream has made 58 deliveries of the G650 as of March 12, 2014, and has hundreds on order from a roster of high-profile billionaires and global companies. The lucky ones that already own a G650 include companies such as ExxonMobil, Walmart, Qualcomm, Dick’s Sporting Goods, EarthStar / Disney, Rakuten Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Starbucks. Other owners include Steve Wynn, Peter Jackson, Fayez Sarofim, Nike’s Phil Knight, and Prince Mohammed bin Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz bin Saud.

You’ll be in good company. Until then, book a private Gulfstream charter on this world-class aircraft with Charter Flight Group (CFG). We provide you with the best end-to-end experience, 24/7 VIP service, unsurpassed safety, and unbeatable point-to-point pricing. Call us today at 888.634.7449.


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