Private Charter Flights Too Expensive? Consider Empty Leg Charters

Private Charter Flights Too Expensive? Consider Empty Leg Charters


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Private Charter Flights Too Expensive? Consider Empty Leg Charters


If you think you’re doomed to suffer forever with crowded commercial flights because private charter flights are too expensive , think again. Empty leg charters can save you a substantial amount of money. If you can be flexible, empty legs can help you enjoy the benefits of private flying without having to pay the sometimes hefty prices.

What Are Empty Leg Charters?

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When a customer charters a one-way flight , the plane must either fly empty to pick up the client wherever he or she may be, or, after the flight, return to its home base with only the pilot on board. This is called an “empty leg” or “deadhead” flight, and experts estimate that there are more than 40,000 such flights every month. 

Imagine how flying empty legs adds to the aircraft owner’s or operator’s costs. There’s the fuel, the expense of overnighting the flight crew, if necessary, or repositioning the aircraft, and other costs.  For this reason, operators are willing to offer you excellent discounts when you book those empty legs, and your cost will be significantly less than what you would pay by booking regular private charter flights.

Are There Drawbacks To Empty Leg Flights?

There are some things to keep in mind about empty legs:

  • You probably won’t get the exact type of aircraft or dates and times that you would if you booked a straight charter. The plane is on a schedule, and you’ll have to adapt to it. Some carriers may agree to change a schedule that suits you, but it’s not something you should count on.
  • If the first leg of the flight has to be delayed or canceled, you may need to make other arrangements.
  • An empty leg charter may be flying out of a different airport than the one you would normally use for your private charter floghts. Airport flexibility will help you find better deals.

Aside from just the flight cost, you benefit from flying non-stop to your destination instead of wasting many hours of travel time dealing with the connections and security delays on commercial airlines today. Booking empty legs also allows you to try out private jets that are larger and more luxurious than you would ordinarily fly.

How CFG Can Help

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To arrange deadhead flights, you’ll need to work with the right company. Charter Flight Group can pair you with the empty leg portion of these private charter flights, and help you find a plane to or from nearly any destination around the globe.

CFG maintains a worldwide inventory of empty leg flights. Tell us where and when you want to fly, and our specialists will let you know what is available and give you a custom quote. The very best prices often become available at the last minute, so flexible travelers who can get to the airport quickly will experience the greatest savings.

If there is no empty leg flight available to suit your needs, CFG will find you the best and most affordable pricing on traditional charter flights.  We offer the most competitive private air charter pricing in the market.

About Private Charter Flights

Private jet travel is a more efficient way to get from Point A to Point B.  You’ll also enjoy the pleasure of no crowds, delays, connecting flights and cancellations. Book your jet charter and be airborne in just a few hours. Relax in comfort, use your cell phone, and take care of business in complete privacy.

Many jet aircraft charter companies drastically mark up empty legs and one-way flights, but Charter Flight Group clients can expect a substantial discount on all private charter flights. Call us now at 1-888-634-7449 and experience the CFG Difference for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.


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