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Top 5 Most Expensive Private Aircraft in the World

In today’s globalized economy, it’s crucial for businessmen to get around in a fast, reliable and safe manner. Obviously, the only option for fast travel these days is by aircraft, but this doesn’t mean flying on a commercial flight. Read on to know how 21st-century businessmen travel, and to learn more about the world’s most expensive executive charter jets.

1. Airbus A380 ($350 Million)

Considered as the biggest passenger airplane in the world, the Airbus A380 can accommodate 800 passengers so it would be unwise to have an Airbus A380 as a private jet. However, this is what Alwaleed bin Talal the Prince of Saudi Arabia did. He purchased an Airbus A380 for about $300 million and used another $200 million to transform the aircraft into something incredible. The number of modifications made on the jet is a long list, modifications such as steam rooms with marble tiles, spa treatments, huge flat screen TVs on the elevators and walls, etc.

2. Boeing 767 ($118 Million)

Boeing 767 is a business jet that has mid to big size, far-reaching range, a huge body twin-engine jet airliner. The jet is driven by two turbofan engines, a conventional tail, a super critical wing design and a sitting capacity of 375 people. The General Electric CF6, Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofans and Pratt & Whitney JT9D and PW4000help to increase the performance and efficiency of its flight. You can purchase the airplane for a huge price of $118 Million, which is considered as among the most widely known airplane.

3. Airbus 319 Corporate Jet ($80.7 Million)

A corporate Airbus 319 is fitted with an extra removable fuel tank with improved service ceiling,which is mostly used by many European countries as a presidential jet for quite some time. The most modified feature such as the fuel tankers, seating and performance have amplified its demand and status all over the world. Priced at roughly $80.7 Million, the Airbus 319 Corporate Jet is considered as the most luxurious private jet in the world and is the top choice for many billionaires.

4. Gulf stream G550 ($59.9 Million)

The Gulf stream G500 was made by General Dynamics’ Gulf stream Aerospace, is a corporate jet also known as the Gulf stream V-SP has great performance, improved range featured with Plane View Gulf stream-designed cursor control system and Enhanced Vision System, which makes the plane land lower-visibility instrument meteorological environments. British billionaires such as Lakshmi Mittal and Phillip Green sometimes use the aircraft when travelling, which makes it as among the most expensive private jet in the world with a price tag of about $59.9 million.

5. Boeing Business Jet ($55.5 Million)

Another luxurious private jet is the Boeing Business Jet with a price of nearly $55.5 million with its exclusive features. The Boeing Business Jet is the same with its commercial airliners of the company but has been transformed into a private jet after a few alterations made in it. The most stylish and expensive aircraft has a bedroom, dining area, meeting area, washroom with showers, and a spacious living area. The Boeing Business Jet is capable of intercontinental travelling due to the additions of extra fuel tanks.

For individuals who doesn’t want to travel using public transport, have a hectic schedule, can’t afford flight cancellation and delays but don’t own a private jet, the only option you have is to rent a private jet. For private jet rental, contact Charter Flight Group now and choose your aircraft from our advanced fleet.