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PHOG – Kahului Airport

Air Charter Service via Kahului Airport (PHOG)

Air Charter service via Kahului Airport (PHOG) is better than ever thanks to CFG. Charter Flight Group has been serving air charter service clients for more than three decades and in that time has developed a reputation for making a difference.

The key difference made by CFG in air charter service lay in a foundation of having access to the safest aircraft in the world. All 6000+ aircraft maintain strict compliance with FAR Part 135 regulations and submit to regular audit via third party companies such as Wyvern and ARGUS. Because of this, CFG makes a big difference in air charter service via Kahului Airport (PHOG).

Next, we carefully screen all pilots prior to inclusion in our program.

This ensures that each is of the highest caliber and maintains the most professional standards at all times. In this way, we are able to provide the most reliable, comfortable, and secure air charter service via Kahului Airport (PHOG).

Finally, because of these platforms of service/security/professionalism coupled with the enormous fleet we have access to provide, we can give our clients the greatest flexibility anywhere. Indeed, whether you need a light jet for a short hop to Honolulu or something for a trans-pacific flight, we can provide. We provide one way air charter service, group flights, and are experts at filling empty legs. In short, we make a difference because we are different.

The CFG Difference in Air Charter Service via Kahului Airport (PHOG)

You can contact us 24/7 365 days of the year at 1-888-634-7449 to book your air charter service via Kahului Airport (PHOG). Our air charter service coordinators are the finest in the world and each has the experience and knowledge to ensure that you get exactly the right aircraft for your needs. If you are uncertain what you will need, each will carefully ascertain your requirements, make appropriate recommendations, then book your air charter. Service is very different with Charter Flight Group and on phoning in, you will understand why so many are making the switch.

Be sure to bookmark this site or program our number (1-888-634-7449) into your phone for once you have tried CFG via Kahului Airport (PHOG), you will want to return for your next flight.

Of course, all air charter service via Kahului Airport (PHOG) provides you with…

  • No schedule restrictions
  • No long waits in security
  • No crowded airport terminals
  • No baggage handling
  • No Airport Traffic
  • No unnecessary layovers
  • No Worries or Hassles
  • The Jet of Your choice
  • Trip customized
  • privacy/discretion

Kahului Airport (PHOG) Information

  • FAA ID:


  • City:


  • State:


  • Airport Use:


  • Control Tower:


  • Number of Runways:


  • Max runways:

    6995 ft

  • Attendance:


  • Fuel Available:

    100 Jet-A Available

  • Parking:


Airports in the Kahului Airport (PHOG) region

Whether you need air charter service via Kahului Airport (PHOG) or any other airport in the region, you will be delighted with the CFG Difference—call 1-888-634-7449.

  • PHKO – Kona International Airport
  • PHLI –Lihue Airport
  • PHNL – Honolulu International Airport
  • PHNY – Lanai Airport

The CFG Difference

CFG marries technology with the human touch. Our proprietary software allows us to pinpoint the absolute best options for every trip. Combine that with our experienced, service-oriented team and you have found a dedicated charter partner you can trust.

Wyvern Recommended Aircraft Backed by Charter Vault Escrow

Dedicated 24/7 VIP Customer Service

Integrated Trip Planning

ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Aircraft

Superior End-to-End Experience

Point-to-Point Pricing

We utilize one of the world’s largest and newest fleet of Jets and Turboprops, and operate with the highest standards of safety and service in private aviation.