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Heading to the PGA Championship?

Watch some of the best golfers in the world compete for the championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our 24/7 concierge service will help you plan out every detail of the trip.


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Private Jet Charter – PGA Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma

This year the world’s best players in men’s golf will come together to compete at the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, OK, from May 16-22. For the most convenient way to attend the event and see the action, book a private jet to Tulsa with Charter Flight Group.

Reap the Benefits of PGA Private Jets

The PGA Championship is one of the most exciting and dramatic events in golf, and fans worldwide are looking forward to heading to Tulsa to see the action. This means that booking a flight and navigating the airport through all the hype can be challenging.

Flying via private jet gives you the ability to book a flight on your terms, skip the crowds and avoid the stress of commercial flying, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip. Booking a PGA private jet charter means that you will not have to travel through the main terminal of the airport or worry about long security lines. You will also enjoy total privacy on your flight, letting you take care of any work on your way to the event and maximizing your comfort.

Nearest Airports to Tulsa Oklahoma

Flying private lets you fly into the most convenient airport for you. Private flights give you the option to choose an airport that is closest to the event or your accommodations. When flying private to the 2022 PGA Championship in Tulsa, there are multiple options for airports to choose from.

Tulsa Riverside Airport

Formerly known as Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport, Tulsa Riverside Airport is a small airport reserved for private jets. Just five miles from the Southern Hills Country Club and away from downtown Tulsa, the airport makes a convenient option for attendees.

Tulsa International Airport

Tulsa International Airport is the largest airport in the city, bringing in a large majority of travelers to Tulsa. For this reason, the airport will be more heavily trafficked. However, flying private allows you to bypass most of the crowds. The airport is just 13 miles from the PGA Championship venue, providing an easy commute to the event.

William R. Pogue Municipal Airport

William R. Pogue Municipal Airport provides a quieter option for travelers as it is located just west of metropolitan Tulsa. This allows attendees slightly less traffic on their commute to the Southern Hills Country Club. The airport is 19 miles from the event.

Book Your PGA Private Jet Charter Today

When planning your trip to Tulsa for the 2022 PGA Championship, trust Charter Flight Group to get you there comfortably. We present our passengers with a comprehensive flight experience, providing an abundance of amenities and always prioritizing extensive safety measures. Get an instant quote to schedule your PGA private jets today, and take the first step toward watching the best in golf compete.