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Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Texas


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Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Texas

Known as the second biggest state, Texas also known as the “Lone Star” State has natural and cultural attractions. It has world-class cities that attract a huge number of visitors. From amazing beaches to historical sites, there’s a lot of place for tourists in Texas. Check out a few of its top spots below.

Dallas World Aquarium

Situated in Dallas, the Dallas World Aquarium has various species of endangered animals and teaches visitors about the importance of conversation. Though it is an aquarium, it also has a replica of the Orinoco Rain forest. The zoo has an aviary that houses ibises and toucans, and three-toed sloths that hang in trees. The aquarium also has a river that has crocodiles and electric eels in it. Visitors can get a breathtaking feeling of the rain forest and its spectacles.

Space Center Houston

A 30-minute drive from Houston, the Space Center isn’t only among the famous attraction of Texas but is a base to NASA’s Lyndon . Johnson Space Center and Mission Control, which monitors the manned space flights of the agency. The center provides knowledge on the operations of the largest space program in the world with film shows, astronaut-related objects, models, shows and moon rock samples on display. Other things to see include artifacts gathered from Apollo, Gemini and Mercury space programs and also a chance to dress as an astronaut, check out real rockets and try out a space simulator.

The Alamo

Located in the eastern part of San Antonio, the Alamo is considered as among the most vital historical spots of America. The Alamo was created in 1774 by Franciscans as part of a mission and been converted into a fort in 1836. The fort becomes popular during the Texan War for Independence after a few number of defenders barred themselves against a tremendously superior Mexican army of 3,000. Although after the stand saw the death of 187 defenders, which included names like Davy Crockett, the cry “Remember the Alamo!” made the state rally together to defeat the Mexicans. Today, around 2.5 million visitors go to this landmark every year to check its renovated buildings and memorial honouring the Texan defenders.

San Antonio River Walk (Paseo Del Rio)

The account of the river walk originated from the 16th century, during the first discovery of the river and renamed after St. Anthony. The river has experienced a lot of changes, concluding in a colourful cultural and social scene that attracts locals and tourists in numbers. Visitors can hire boats that let them absorb the history and scenery from a great vantage point. There are also restaurants, parks, and museums along this wonderful area.

The USS Lexington, Corpus Christi

Anchored on the shores a few minutes’ walk from the Corpus Christi center, the massive USS Lexington is among the biggest surviving ships to serve during the Second World War. This historical ship was launched in 1943 and presently serves as a naval museum. High points of this ship include many vintage aircraft, and a chance to go to the crew quarters and the bridge. They also have a 3D movie that places you in the seat of the pilot, simulators, and other games.

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