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Must-Do Activities in the City of Lights, Paris


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Must-Do Activities in the City of Lights, Paris

Are you planning a trip to the capital city of France?  We have gathered a number of exciting things you can do when in Paris, so you can fully enjoy your holiday trip.

Go to Paris Museums

In French, the term ‘culture’ has an extensive sense that speaks of the universal right for everybody to experience theworld of art, science, and humanities, and by that, the government acquires the funds in making “la culture” available to everybody. Most museums in Paris offers free admission, while there are others, which include the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre, have free admission during every first Sunday of the month.

Stroll on Gorgeous Paris Parks and Gardens

A stroll or picnic among the many unique, elegant gardens and parks in Paris is a must when planning a trip to the city. Make sure to go to the Jardind’ Acclimation. It is easy to devote a whole day walking around this city park, which is the second biggest park in Paris and is the French senate’s garden. This gorgeously designed garden was built during the 17th century, has a number of fountains, monuments, and statues, which include Frederic Bartholdi’s first model of the Statue of Liberty.

Visit Old Stunning Cathedrals and Churches

Paris has a number of magnificent spiritual relics from history like churches and cathedrals that still stand at present as amazing testimonials to the intricate heritage of Christianity that took hold in Paris starting from the Roman Empires downfall to the French Revolution. A lot of these wonderful churches and cathedrals were almost wipedout due to the Revolution; however, renewed interest during the 19th century brought about their renovation.

Check out a fashion show at Galleries Lafayette

Acquiring a seat for the Paris Fashion Week may be difficult for many visitors; however, it is possible to experience the taste of la mode at the Galleries Lafayette department store every Friday afternoon. During the free show, professional models parade the runway and show the fashion collection of the store.

Never Miss the Paris Air Show

During this event,a number of observers, civilian plane junkies, aerospace professionals, journalists and world leaders would gather inLe Bourget Airport in Paris to watch this spectacular show that has the likes of Airbus and Boeing a chance to display their amazing achievements in engineering.Take note; the event takes place every two years. The 52nd Paris Air Show will be on 2017.

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