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Monday Night Charter Flight: Seahawks Over the Rams


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Monday Night Charter Flight: Seahawks Over the Rams

This Monday Night Charter Flight took us to St. Louis to see the landlocked Seahawks soar over the Rams.
Predictably, the Rams failed to gain the victory while the Seattle Seahawks managed to pull off a victory to the meager tune of 14-9. That said, the top passer for the game went to the Rams’ Clemens with 158 yards against Seahawks Wilson at 139 yards. However, Wilson was better able to make the needed connections producing two touchdowns to Clemens none. Even in rusing, the Rams outperformed the Seahawks with Stacy rushing for 134 yards against 23 yards by Seahawks Lynch.
Of course, as any good businessman knows, its all in the receipts and this was where the Seahawks excelled. As top receiver for Seattle, Tate took two for 93 yards and two TD‘s against St. Louis’ Givens with 59 yards and no TD’s. Still, it was a good game and those who took the Monday Night Charter Flight reported their pleasure–of course, most of them were from Seattle, so no real surprise there.

Monday Night Charter Flight for Chicago at Green Bay

Of course, now is the time to book your Monday Night Charter Flight to see the Chicago Bears face off with rival Green Bay Packers. For those planning to fly, we have plenty of pistons available for the short trip from the Windy City to Green Bay, Wisconsin, but seats are filling fast.
This Monday Night Football game between the Bears and Packers promises to be packed with unBearable fun. (All pun intended) According to Predictem, the Packerss are going to take it with an 11 point spread. The reasons given include the Packers ability to recover from recent injuries, though both teams have had their share of these and Green Bays better offensive output.
Regardless of the outcome, however, this should be an excellent game and one you should not miss. So book your Monday Night Charter Flight today by calling Charter Flight Group at 1-888-634-7449.
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