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Lockheed U-2


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Lockheed U-2

Lockheed U-2’s High-Altitude Intelligence, Surveillance, And Reconnaissance

Also known as the “Dragon Lady” is a single jet engine, Lockheed U-2. It is a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft used by the US Military for observation investigation.

This military aircraft is being operated by the United States Air Force. In fact, with its high-altitude reconnaissance role together with an upgraded radar system, it has been of service to the USAF for over 50 years.

Furthermore, this aircraft has been once used by the Central Intelligence Agency as this offers the highest degree of secrecy.  

The U-2 System has said to have a great impact way back in the mid-1950s. It has said to be the one responsible for the Soviet Nuclear Missile discovery during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Additionally, this system had the ability to produce all-weather situation results, as well as to track hurricanes and global disasters. This provides real-time and accurate information that could lead to better decision-making skills.

In 1956 of January, the British government approved the U-2’s request to deploy from the RAF Lakenheath. But it was postponed due to the death of Lionel Cabb, a British agent. They then moved to the Wiesbaden, Germany in 1956 of June to avoid any delays in the deployment. Its first overflight took place on the 20th of June 1956, where the existing authorization of Air Force overflights has been used.

The U-2 aircraft could fly 70,000 feet that require the pilot to wear a spacesuit like an outfit. These U-2 aircraft has then been upgraded more and more to improve its performance.  Lighter yet efficient systems have then been used. 

Just recently, it was announced that the U-2 will continue to live to its responsibility – to provide its service in the high-altitude reconnaissance role with the help of the upgraded radar system.

Three Main Features of the Lockheed U-2:

  • The U-2 Dragon Lady has a longer life span. It could reach up to 60,000 flight hours and 6,644 nine-hour missions.
  • The U-2 Dragon is an ultra-high altitude reconnaissance. It could fly up to 70,000 feet in less than 45 minutes. It also has a speed of 475 miles per hour.
  • The U-2 Dragon Lady can climb to high altitudes swiftly and quickly as this aircraft has been made through lightweight yet quality materials.

The U-2 Dragon Lady is considered as one of those aircraft that are most capable and most reliable, high-altitude intelligence and certainly helpful when it comes to surveillance and reconnaissance.

To ensure the preservation of this U-2 Dragon Lady’s capability for the sake of the future, programmed depot maintenance for the aircraft every seven years is being done by Lockheed Martin.

This doesn’t normally offer private jet services as this is a military aircraft.  This delivers a very high percent of the successful mission rate. This is an aircraft that started to be of people’s service in the mid-1950s but remained to be beneficial in a variety of aspects – high-altitude intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.