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Jet Safety 101: What to Know (Infographic)


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Jet Safety 101: What to Know (Infographic)

When it comes to flying private, you are in safe hands with Charter Flight Group. As it should be, safety is top of mind for Charter Flight Group. They are required to abide by strict standards. 

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved pilot, crew, and aircraft
  • Up-to-date certificates 
  • Qualified pilots
  • Aircrafts inspected for safety on a regular basis

Safety the Charter Flight Group Way

At Charter Flight Group, we go above and beyond traditional safety recommendations. If we would not put our family on our jet charters, we would not put your family on them either. 

What Makes The Pilots So Safe?

  • Training: All pilots adhere to strict training and flight-time requirements. Pilots have four to six years of flight time and testing under their belts before they can even fly jet aircrafts. 
  • Experience: Time matters. We hire pilots who have years of experience flying particular aircraft types and know them inside and out. The more comfortable they are with their aircraft, the more comfortable we are for them to fly with you. 
  • Certifications: All private charter operators meet FAA requirements and have up-to-date certifications. Every pilot must also receive ARGUS approval, the most restrictive aviation safety standard in the industry. 
  • Licensing: Every pilot has an FAA-issued commercial pilot license.
  • Background checks: We ensure that pilots have the required medical certifications in case of an emergency. 

How Do We Ensure The Aircraft Are Safe?

We are beyond picky when it comes to deciding what aircraft we use in our private jet fleet. And for good reason. We will only use private jets that meet safety standards and our own strict expectations. 

  • Inspections: We inspect every aircraft before every flight. Period. If an aircraft does not meet safety requirements, it will not take flight. 
  • Safety standards: Every charter we use has passed an ARGUS Safety Report, a stringent report that tests the aircraft, pilot, and flight crew. 
  • Safety audits: We only fly charters with ARGUS ratings. This rating includes pilot and insurance information. 
  • Real-time monitoring: We consistently monitor the maintenance and insurance records on the private charters. 
  • Vetting process: Cheapest is not always the best way to fly. If a jet charter operator is cutting its prices, it is probably skimping on important upkeep, such as maintenance. Based on our experience in the industry, we know who to fly with and who to avoid. At Charter Flight Group, we use a strict vetting process to ensure your aircraft is in prime condition. 

Book your private charter with Charter Flight Group today and expect a smooth and safe flight to your destination. 

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