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Heading to the Masters?

Who will take home the green jacket? Find out up close and personal next month in Augusta.

Avoid the crowds and hassle by booking a private charter to the tournament. Our 24/7 concierge service will help you plan out every detail of the trip.


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Private Jet Charter Masters Golf Tournament

For the past 86 years, golfers and fans have traveled to Augusta, Georgia for the unforgettable opportunity to attend The Masters Golf Tournament. This year, the tournament is scheduled to be played from April 7-10 at the historic Augusta National Golf Club. As the tournament quickly approaches, it is time to begin arranging private flights to Augusta Georgia.

The tournament will bring together some of the best golfers from around the world as all participants are selected by invitation only. This is an event that you do not want to miss out on. Begin planning your private flights to The Masters today.

Private Flights to the Masters

As crowds of fans and players head to Augusta for the tournament, a private jet charter to PGA Masters is the best option for attending the event. Flying via private jet charter is the most convenient way to attend the tournament, allowing you to choose your preferred aircraft, book on your schedule and fly into select airports while enjoying comfortable amenities the whole way.

Top Airports for Private Flights to the Masters

There are multiple options for airports to fly into for private flights to the Masters. Your choice may depend on multiple factors, like distance from the tournament and size of the airport. When booking a private jet charter to the Masters Golf Tournament, you should consider these key airports.

Daniel Field Airport

Daniel Field is the nearest private charter airport to the Augusta National Golf Club, only a 10-minute drive away. However, Daniel Field has two runways that are considerably smaller than other airports, which may limit some travelers depending on the size of their jet. The airport is complete with a private terminal and flight-based operator (FBO) services to accommodate travelers.

Augusta Regional Airport

Private chartering to Augusta Regional Airport is one of the best airports for Augusta, GA. The city-owned airport has a private FBO terminal and two dedicated private jet runways. The airport is a bit farther than Daniel Field, but it is only 20 minutes away from the course and has the capacity and runway size to handle larger private jets and considerable air traffic. Time slots may be needed for Augusta Regional Airport, which may cause delays. Speak to one of our representatives on how to book here.

Aiken Municipal Airport

Taking a private jet to Aiken Municipal Airport is another option. With a 5500 foot runway, Aiken Municipal Airport gives you the ultimate flexibility in aircraft choice. From the largest luxury jets, to the smaller high-performance turboprops, you’ll be able to arrive at Aiken in comfort. To get to Augusta from here, all you need to do is go west.

For more information about private jet charter to The Masters Golf Tournament, contact Charter Flight Group today. Our 24/7 concierge service will help you plan your trip and make the appropriate arrangements so you can make it to the tournament hassle-free.