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Is turbulence really something to be afraid of?


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Is turbulence really something to be afraid of?

Turbulence is what anxious fliers dread the most when they board an aircraft. It is also the most usual cause of harm to air passengers. In the US, there are an approximately 58 injuries every year because of turbulence. Pilots always advise the passengers to have their seat belts fastened while seated on the aircraft and they also do the same.

Is it really something to be afraid of? What are the causes of turbulence?  Many various things may cause turbulence. Pilots are aware of them, and they understand them. Turbulence is distressing but not dangerous. It is part of the flight and is not to be feared. Turbulence can hit anywhere. Various types of turbulence are caused by the different phases of the weather. Clear Air Turbulence, abbreviated as CAT, is the most usual form of turbulence that one can experience.

Air tends to move as a horizontal twisting river called a jet stream. A jet stream is normally only a few miles wide and deep but can sometimes be lots of miles long. Depending on the direction of travel, our flight engineers either avoid or use these jet streams to cut fuel costs, as they can emerge up to 250 mph. The edge of the jet stream act together with slower moving air and there may be some mixing of the air which causes turbulence.

CAT cannot be seen and detected by radar and cannot be accurately forecaster, but there are other ways of avoiding it. Reliable reports come from other aircraft which can be heard either right from them or passed on by the air traffic control. Available options will then be considered.

Light, moderate and severe are the common classes of turbulence. The definitions are laid down in the manuals. This will help in making an assessment as to what will the strategy be. For the fearful flyer, light turbulence is very distressing and disturbing. For pilots, light turbulence is just like a bumpy road for a taxi driver. It is a minor but absolutely safe inconvenience.

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