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ICT – Wichita Mid-Continent Airport

Private Plane Charters via Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT)

Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) is a great place to book private plane charters thanks to CFG. Charter Flight Group has been making a difference for more than thirty years via Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) and countless locations all around the globe. The keys to the Charter Flight Group Difference are Safety-Security-Service.

Through our multi-tiered approach to the finest private plane charter service in the world, we have managed to develop a winning system for our clients. This is why so many are now discovering the CFG Difference. And it all starts with safety.

We believe that service must begin with safety for without a safe private plane charter flight, little else matters. Thus, we require that all 6000+ member aircraft pass FAR Part 135 regulations audits via both ARGUS and Wyvern inspections. By constantly auditing and inspecting, we manage to ensure access to the largest fleet in the world for our clients and at the same time, provide the fastest on demand service possible.

Tied to this is security. Most of our clients are engaged in sensitive business while aboard their private plane charter flight. Thus, security is very important. We carefully screen all pilots and flight crews for time in service, safety, and professionalism. Regular background checks further ensure that our private plane charters via Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) are the most secure possible.

Finally, bringing this all together allows us to be the most flexible private plane charter company serving Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT). We believe that service requires choice—flexibility. As a result of our business model, we are able to offer everything from light jets, turboprops, mid-size jets, on up to jumbo jets. We have the largest selection of models such as Cessna, Lear, Hawker, Embraer, Gulfstream, Beechjet, Boeing, Airbus and more.

The CFG Difference in Private Plane Charters via Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT)

In addition to the aircraft offered for private plane charters via Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT), we also offer the most flexible scheduling possible. Whether you require a piston, a one way, on demand flight, group, cargo, or empty leg, we can manage this for you.

You can reach us any time twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, any day of the year—we are here for you—just call 1-888-634-7449—now, if you’d like.

Each of our expert private plane charter planners will manage all aspects of your flight and arrange ground transportation should you wish. If you are not sure what aircraft you need delivered to Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT), they will carefully ascertain your needs and make recommendations. Of course, every private plane charter via Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) provides you with…

  • No schedule restrictions
  • No long waits in security
  • No crowded airport terminals
  • No baggage handling
  • No Airport Traffic
  • No unnecessary layovers
  • No Worries or Hassles
  • The Jet of Your choice
  • Trip customized
  • privacy/discretion

Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) Information

  • FAA ID:


  • City:


  • State:


  • Airport Use:


  • Control Tower:


  • Number of Runways:


  • Max runways:

    10301 ft

  • Attendance:


  • Fuel Available:

    100LL JET-A

  • Parking:

    Hangars and Tiedowns

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Whether you need a private plane charter via Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) or any other, you can experience the CFG Difference today by calling 1-888-634-7449.

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