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Private Jet Charter at Christmas & New Year

Book your private jet to your holiday destination for an exclusive and special holiday.


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Holiday Jet Charter: Christmas & New Year Private Flights

The holidays can be a very busy time with the airports full of frustrated passengers. Avoid TSA and travel by private jet with us instead. Book your holiday charter flight today for an exclusive and special holiday. 

Can I fly by private jet on Christmas?

The answer is yes you can fly by private jet on Christmas and other major public holidays. On Christmas, private jet airports and FBOs are open and flights can be arranged. Keep in mind that availability might be more limited and prices are higher compared to other days. However, we will strive to ensure that you can charter a private flight for Christmas. 

Christmas Private Jet Destinations

There are so many destinations for the Christmas season that make you warm and fuzzy inside. If you are looking for those cozy Christmas places to get away from everyone, then look no further than these destinations via private flights for Christmas. Each of them looks like a perfect Christmas greeting card. Apple cider, and eggnog, next to cozy fires are waiting for you.

Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock, Vermont is an amazing place during the Christmas season. This adorable New England town looks like something from a Hallmark commercial. If you are seeking a quaint, yet luxurious place to get away from it all, then this is the place for you. 

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts is a favorite place for major celebrities each Christmas. If you want to see some stars, or simply go someplace exclusive in New England, then this is the place for you. The lights and scenery on Edgartown Lighthouse are a sight to take in with someone special. Lodging at Harbor View Hotel goes fast, so book now for Christmas. 

Cooperstown, New York

Cooperstown, New York is another quaint get-a-way for your chartered jet get-a-away. This is good for you if you have children. They have an incredible Winter Carnival with wagon rides and all the candlelight and food of the season. Catch the bonfires while you are there. Hot cider and carols might just be that thing we all need this Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas cozy in Cooperstown, New York.

Can I fly by private jet on New Year’s Eve?

Another holiday that can be flown by private jet is New Year’s Eve. Private jet airports and FBOs are open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We can help you arrange a private jet flight on either of these dates for the new year. 

New Year Private Jet Destinations

Enjoy the private jet amenities as you travel to one of these exclusive places for the New Year. Our chartered jets can turn your New Year’s Eve into a luxurious event of celebration. After the last year of struggles, it is time to go somewhere special this New Year’s Eve. Each of these is so exclusive, you might want to keep them as your secret get-a-away. Here are the top international places to visit by private flights for New Year’s.


Italy is excellent for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Venice is the premier location for the top 1%. If you have never been to Venice for New Year’s Eve, then you need to experience it. Bring your carnival masks for dances. Take ball dresses and tuxedos for the numerous events that the exclusive enjoys. 


Amsterdam is for those of you that put the “P” in party. While it is the party town on New Year’s Eve, it is also one of the places to find some of the most exclusive clubs in the world. Once you are in, you get to party with the best. Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime party for New Year’s in Amsterdam. 


Go see Berlin this New Year’s Eve. It is the city of Electronica music. Home of the trance movement, the clubs in Berlin are phenomenal. The HYTE Berlin New Year’s Eve Party is the place to be on New Year’s Eve.