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Booking charter aircraft offers the exclusivity that you know you deserve. When you have worked hard to create a world that matches your lifestyle, you need transportation to those exclusive places that you love. FlyCFG offers the exclusive Hawker Jet that brings your world together with the aircraft you crave.


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This well-known aircraft is perfect for mid-range travel. The exclusive interior offers everything you expect, with the spaciousness for more than simple solo travel experiences. It carries eight passengers and offers exclusive benefits inside the decor that you desire. There are a few other aspects to enjoy.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Exclusive Comfort
  • Spacious Storage
  • In-Flight Advantages

You know that in-flight Wi-Fi is an exclusive benefit of modern chartered aircraft. It’s included on each flight. The exclusive comfort of the gorgeous seating feels like you are in your favorite lounge. There is extra storage up-front to handle the things you always require on your adventures.

The Hawker 800XP And FlyCFG’s Exclusive Access

The exclusive access to the Hawker 800XP is one of the best aspects of booking with FlyCFG. Adventures are ahead with several exclusive choices available. It offers a wonderful size capacity, at an incredible rate. As the client, you still receive all the things that you need with the larger aircraft, in a smaller one.
As you can clearly see, the Hawker 800XP is an excellent choice. You have options for whatever your heart desires. The Hawker 800XP aircraft is the latest in exclusive choices which you have available to select from on your next trip.

If you want to stop somewhere, simply request it when you book the flight. Options are available for your exclusive experience. Perhaps you need to go on a national shopping spree. Easily do so with FlyCFG. The choices are all yours. Select the aircraft and begin the day. End by visiting that perfect little restaurant that nobody knows about.

Reach that business meeting before the competition can. Enjoy the flight headed there. When you arrive refreshed and earlier than they do, you are far more likely to land the deal. Improve your business itinerary with Fly CFG.

The Hawker 800XP offers everything you need, in this gorgeously designed aircraft. It is just the right size. Everything you need for business or pleasure comes with it.