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Fly in a Private Charter Aircraft to Watch the New England Patriots Play

The New England Patriots,a professional American football team, is based in the region of Greater Boston. As one of the members of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the East Division, the team competes in the National Football League (NFL). The New England Patriots plays their home games at Gillette Stadium located in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

During the 1970 merger of the two leagues, as one of the original members of the American Football League (AFL), the team joined the National Football League. After relocating to Foxborough in the year 1971, the team changed their name from the original Boston Patriots to New England Patriots. From the year 1971 to 2001, the Patriots used to play their home games at Foxboro Stadium. However, in 2002 season, they decided to move to Gillette Stadium.

The New England Patriots have shown up in the Super Bowl eight times since it’s franchise history, six of them since the appearance of  Bill Belichick, their head coach and Tom Brady their quarterback in the year 2000. The team is considered to be as one of the most successful teams in National Football League history, they won twelve American Football Conference East titles in 14 seasons since the year 2001, without losing any season in the said period. The New England Patriots have set great remarkable records, which includes most wins in a ten-year period (126, in the year 2003–2012), a reigning and an undefeated 16-game regular season in the year 2007, and the longest winning streak, which consist of regular season and playoff games in National Football League history (a 21-game streak from October 2003 to October 2004). The New England Patriots owns the record for most Super Bowls reached by a head coach-quarterback tandem (six), and at the same time being the first tandem to win the Super Bowl 14 years after the first.

Speaking of the games being played by the team, the New England Patriots have competed and played most opposing teams either currently or formerly from the American Football Conference Eastdivision. This includes the current teams, the New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins, and the Buffalo Bills, as well as former divisional adversary and challenger, the Colts. Among those cited and specified, nonetheless, a few run deeper than others.

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