Flex Jet Receives The Diamond Award of Excellence from the FAA

Flex Jet Receives The Diamond Award of Excellence from the FAA


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Flex Jet Receives The Diamond Award of Excellence from the FAA


The Diamond Award of Excellence is the most sought after award when it comes to jet safety regulations and flight management. It is the highest recognition given to the aviation industry by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration for maintenance training. Flex jet is a company that has consecutively won the award for 14 years in a row, and what is the secret behind their repeated onslaught of their success in bagging the prestigious award time and time again? According to them, it’s consistency in management and the integration of new ideas towards staff progress. Apparently it’s also the only company that includes a fractional jet ownership program that has shown positive returns thus far and could be safely be deemed as a successfully established venture.


Who IS Flex Jet?


Flex Jet is actually a division of Bombardier, the third largest jet and turboprop manufacturer in the world.  This is the company that builds such fine aircraft as the Global Express, Global 5000, the Challenger series such as the 600, 601, and 604, and even the better-known Lear Jet series.  In other words, Flex Jet has considerable aerospace muscle and it would appear from their record of safety, they know how to flex it.  Indeed, all of Bombardier’s aircraft have some of the finest records of service in the world, which is a large part of the reason we use so many of their planes for our clients.  Another reason, of course, is that the company builds excellent luxury aircraft.


States Justluxe.com,


“Flex jet is proud to be recognized for its commitment to upholding the highest safety standards in the aircraft maintenance industry,” said Dave Gross, Vice President, Operations, Flex jet. “The fact that we are the only company involved in the fractional jet industry to receive this honor for 14 consecutive years is a testament to the excellence exhibited by every single member of our team.”


The Aviation Diamond Award of Excellence


The Federal Aviation Administration ‘s (FAA) ‘Aviation Diamond Award of Excellence’ encompasses a whole range of avionic criterion, from maintenance training, commitment of maintenance technicians to improve safety standards via direct participation in training programs that enhances technical capabilities and know-how. The award not only superficially functions at the seams of red-tape, but actually recognizes and defines an organization’s ability to be eligible for the award by conducting specialized and specific, continuous target training in the numerous aircraft systems that prevail today.


The Diamond Award is the highest corporate award sanctioned by the FAA and the program has incorporated both individual and corporate recognition. The Diamond Award by the FAA, which is presented to the company, is also awarded to each mechanic/ technician or maintenance staff that has fulfilled the requirements to receive the prestigious recognition. Primarily, the Aviation Maintenance Technicians are awarded based on the total number of training hours logged in their time sheet for skill and knowledge enhancement.


The Aviation Diamond Award of Excellence Program Overview


The Program by the FAA is divided into two separate awards criterion: one for technicians and one for employers. A technician or employer who qualifies may receive only one of the five awards during any given year. The technician’s award will be an FAA Certificate of Training and a tie tack/lapel pin for the phase successfully completed. The employer’s award will be a Certificate of Excellence.  The number of hours required for training, for each of the five phases of the awards, must be accomplished within a calendar year. The technician and employer award phases include:

(1) Phase I − Bronze Award

(2) Phase II − Silver Award

(3) Phase III − Gold Award

(4) Phase IV − Ruby Award

(5) Phase V − Diamond Award



The program is designed so that the requirements for each successive phase (award) are more demanding than the requirements for the preceding one, justifying the added prestige for the higher award. To be eligible for an award, an applicant must complete the requirements for the award within the current calendar year. The program is designed to be flexible. Technicians and employers are not required to complete a lower award phase before receiving the next higher phase award. For example, a technician or employer who qualifies for the Diamond Award during his or her first year in the program would be issued the Diamond Award. The FAA encourages all eligible technicians and employers to participate in the awards program each year. Continuous participation in the FAA AMT Awards Program for regulatory and airworthiness training will reinforce and foster the high level of professionalism within the industry.


Congratulations to Flex Jet from All of Us Here at Charter Flight Group


The Aviation Diamond Award of Excellence is a benchmark for quality and safety assurance to those who fly. Although it is a proven fact that flying is the safest form of transportation compared to any other mode of transportation, at 30,000 feet your perspective may be slightly altered.   Because we here at Charter Flight Group place a premium on safety along with service and luxury, we would like to congratulate the Flex Jet Division of Bombardier for achieving this outstanding award.  Their efforts continue to provide us with safer aircraft and we appreciate it.

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