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Facts about the Royal Air Force (RAF)


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Facts about the Royal Air Force (RAF)

The aerial warfare force of United Kingdom is called the Royal Air Force (RAF).  It was established just before the end of the First World War on April 1, 1918.   It is the first independent air force in the world. During that time, after the victory over the Central Powers in 1918, the RAF surfaced as the biggest air-force in the world. Since it was established, the RAF assumed an important position in the British military history, specifically, performing a large share in the Second World War where it battled its most eminent campaign, the Battle of Britain.

The RAF established the principle of strategic bombing, a military strategy used in a total war with the aim of defeating the opponent by damaging their morale or their economic ability to produce and transport materials in the military operations.

The purpose of RAF is to sustain the intentions of the British Ministry of Defence (MOD), which are to “offer the potentials needed; to guarantee the security and protection of the United Kingdom and foreign territories, including against terrorism; to sustain the Government’s foreign policy objectives specifically in endorsing international peace and security.

Today, the Royal Air Force keeps an operational fleet of different kinds of aircraft that are most advanced and sophisticated. This mainly consists of fixed-wing aircraft including fighter and strike aircraft, airborne early warning and control aircraft, aerial refuelling aircraft and strategic and tactical transport aircraft.

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A VIP catering suitable for the day will be offered on-board.   For small cabin aircraft, this will usually be pre-prepared buffet style.   Flights will also have fully licensed bar and drinks.   For larger cab in aircraft, hot meals are served and when possible and staff accommodates all special catering requests.