Facts about the Learjet

Facts about the Learjet


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Facts about the Learjet

Learjet is a Canadian-owned, American manufacturer and producer of business jets for regular people and military use. In the late 1950’s, William Powell Lear founded as Swiss American Aviation Corporation. Since 1990, it has been a supplementary of Canadian Bombardier.

Canadian company Bombardier Aerospace acquired the Learjet Corporation in 1990. The aircraft was marketed as the Bombardier Family. The Learjet 60 mid-sized aircraft has its first flight on October 10, 1990. The Learjet45 immediately followed on October 1995. The Learjet85 was launched as a brand new aircraft program sometime in October 2007 by the Bombardier Learjet. Learjet85 was the first FAR Part 25 all-composite business aircraft.

Bombardier celebrated their 45th anniversary of their first flight by a Learjet with 2008’s Year of Learjet campaign. The highlights include the British Formula One wherein Lewis Hamilton, a racing driver, raced a Learjet and won an event at the Farnborough Air Show.

Learjet is a company that first to manufacture a private charter aircraft and luxury private jet.World War II was still fresh in the public’s mind in the year 1940’s. The preliminary design of the Lear was based upon an experimental American military aircraft called Marvel. It is replacing the fuselage-mounted turbojet engines for ducted fan turboshaft engines. But sad to say, the basic design was rejected. The final design for the Learjet was adapted and fitted from an abortive 1950s Swiss ground-attack fighter aircraft which is the FFA P-16.

Bill Lear and his team saw the preliminary structure of the Swiss P-16 aircraft. He and his team realized that this is a good starting point to develop and produce a business jet. They formed the Swiss American Aircraft Corporation. The company was located in Altenrhein, Switzerland. Hired design engineers were staffed from Switzerland, Britain, and Germany.

The aircraft was originally being calledthe SAAC-23 or the Tina jet. In September 1962, Learjet opened their temporary office while the plant located at Wichita’s was still under construction. The assembly of the first Learjet began sometime in February 1963. In the year 1964, the company was renamed as the Lear Jet Corporation.

On October 7, 1963, the original Learjet 23 first flew. The aircraft was a six to eight seater. In 1964, the first production model was delivered. After a month, the Lear Jet became a publicly owned corporation. Lots of produced models followed. On September 19, 1966, the company was renamed as Lear Jet Industries, Inc.

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