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Facts about the Henderson Executive Airport


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Facts about the Henderson Executive Airport

Henderson Executive Airport, situated 11 nautical miles (20 km; 13 mi) south of the central business district of Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, United States is a public airport owned by Clark County and operated by the Clark County Department of Aviation. The FAA’s National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2009-2013 said it is classified as a reliever airport or relief airport that is built or assigned to provide assistance or additional capacity to an area when the primary commercial airport reach volume. And in some cases, it is an existing one that is assigned to handle a specific class of aircraft such as general aviation.

Henderson Executive Airport was originally known as Sky Harbor Airport and changed its name in 1996 when it was bought by Clark County to be used as a reliever airport for McCarran International Airport.

Henderson Executive Airport has an area of 760 acres (310 ha) with an elevation of 2,492 feet (760 meters) above normal sea level. It holds asphalt paved runways: 17R/35L measuring 6,501 by 100 feet (1,982 meters × 30 meters) and 17L/35R measuring 5,001 by 75 feet (1,524 meters × 23 meters).

In 12 months’ time ending December 31, 2008, the airport operated 71,323 aircraft, an average of 195 per day: 86% general aviation, 14% air taxi and <1% military aviation. At that time, there were 292 aircraft based at this airport: 81% single-engine, 10% multi-engine, 9% jet and <1% helicopter.

The terminal building accommodates car rental, flight school, and line service facilities, as well as the Landings Restaurant.

Can any private jets or aircraft land in Henderson Executive Airport? Yes, any aircraft specifically of private jet flights can land at any public and civilian airport as long as ATC clears it but there may be landing fees, however. Big airports contain FBO (mainly a terminal for corporate planes and private jet flights) that control that kind of traffic.

But most of the time, aircraft for private jet flights choose to land at smaller airports to avoid high landing fees or to avoid traffic and the location of the large airport might not be convenient for their passengers.

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