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Facts about the Gulfstream G450


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Facts about the Gulfstream G450

The Gulfstream G450 is the advanced version of the GIV-SP/G400. It has a plane view with a 4 Honeywell 21 EFIS screens and a Gulfstream-designed cursor control system. On the head up display, there is an infrared camera wherein you can see the images that have been displayed and the image of the view in front of the camera through the head up display.

It is a high-performance, stylish and classy aircraft that is furnished to meet the requirements and demands of international travel. It can fly up to 16 people. It is capable of landing in lower visibility instrument meteorological conditions due to EVS permission. Non-EVS aircraft has no capabilities in doing this. EVS system is an infrared nose-mounted camera that can detect runway markers, landscape and other topographical details at night or in low visibility conditions.

Here are the benefits of flying with the Gulfstream G450:


You can have your personal choice when flying with the Gulfstream G450. This aircraft is very spacious. It consists of 3 living areas, two lavatories and a full-sized gallery which is located forward or aft.

Competent Service

The Gulfstream G450 was awarded as the Best of the Best aircraft in the large category for the year 2012 and 2014.


This aircraft has a roomy cabin interior that could even make you think you are just at your home.In every two minutes, 100 percent fresh air is circulated throughout the cabin. Another best in class feature of the Gulfstream G450 is that the interior environment is pressurized. A relaxing environment because fresh air and lower cabin altitude improve oxygen delivery in the body which helps lessen fatigue and increases alertness, readiness, and productivity.

Flying with this aircraft can be very calming and very relaxing due to a quieter cabin, G450 improved their cabin sound levels by 18 percent over its predecessor.

Security and Peace of Mind

If you want to stay alert to what’s happening around you, the Gulfstream G450 has a three-camera Securaplane video monitoring systems that help the crews and the passengers to be aware of what is going on around them during the flight.

Internet Connectivity

If you can’t get rid of surfing the internet then certainly, flying with the Gulfstream G450 is the best choice. The aircraft is equipped with a seven-channel Honeywell satellite communications system that is capable of handling phone and modem transmissions. Present in the aircraft are a satellite phone, local wireless network, and a multi-functional printer.

Flying with the Gulfstream G450, being the best of the best aircraft in the large category is an exceptional experience. On the other hand, if a commercial flight gives you a headache and it stresses you, or you want ultimate privacy and comfort, you can go for a private jet flight instead. For your private jet flights, book with Charter Flight Group now! With our lavish fleet and personalized service, your private jet flight will be a first-class experience when it comes to exclusive travel.