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Facts about the General Motors


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Facts about the General Motors

General Engines Organization, regularly known as GM, is an American multinational company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. General Motors was incorporated on August 11, 2009.

The company designs, builds and sells cars, trucks, and automobile parts across the globe. GM produces various vehicles in 37 nations through the following thirteen brands:

  • Alpheon
  • Chevrolet
  • Buick
  • GMC
  • Cadillac
  • Holden
  • HSV
  • Opel
  • Vauxhall
  • Wuling
  • Baojun
  • jie Tooth
  • UzDaewoo

General Motors holds a 20% equity stake in IMM and a 77% equity stake in GM Korea. It also has various major joint ventures, which includeShanghai GMSAICGMWuling and FAWGM in ChinaGMAvtoVAZ in RussiaGhandhara Industries in PakistanGM UzbekistanGeneral Motors IndiaGeneral Motors Egypt, and Isuzu Truck South Africa.

Design & Technology:

  • GM is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies to meet the future needs of the automotive industry.
  • Driven by its bold imagination and focused on disciplined acts to realize how powerful those ideas are. It is part of their DNA to make a realization of technology’s potential for positive change and to share that vision with the world.
  • They have engineers, designers, and planners who live years in the future. They envision a future where cars are carrying their loved ones never crash, where empty cars can be sent to fetch your friends and where cars don’t break down, leaving you stranded.
  • They are looking into the future when vehicles will no longer pollute by using fuels made from renewable sources or run on electricity.


  • General Motors’ commitment is to have continuous improvement in reducing the environmental impact of their vehicles and facilities. They focus on several areas where they can make a big difference such as more fuel-efficient vehicles, energy efficiency, waste reduction and resource preservation.

Community & Education:

  • GM is known to be a great automobile manufacturer with a long history of outstanding corporate citizenship. For them, corporate responsibility is about more than words. It is, indeed, an acknowledgment that your actions shape your reputation.

FM-2 Wildcat (Quarterdeck)

In 1944, Grumman FM2 c/n 5765 was built by the Eastern Aircraft Division of General Motors with United States Bureau Number (Bureau Number) 86711. The FM2 Wildcat is essentially an improved version of the famous Grumman F4F-4.The aircraft was under the ownership of Dale Newton in Oregon and registered as N4845V in 1996.

At the outbreak of World War II, the famous Grumman F4F was the first line fighter for the Navy and Marine Corps.


  • Manufacturer: Eastern Aircraft Division, General Motors
  • Type: Fighter
  • Crew: Pilot
  • Powerplant: One 1,350 hp. Wright R-1820-65
  • Dimensions: Length: 28 ft. 11 in.

Height: 11 ft. 5 in.

Wingspan: 28 ft.

  • Weight: Empty: 5,448 lbs.

Gross: 8,271 lbs.

  • Performance: Max Speed: 332 mph at 28,000 ft.

Cruise Speed: 164 mph

Climb Rate: 3,650 ft./min.

Ceiling: 34,700 ft.

Range: 900 miles

  • Armament: Four .5-in. machine guns; two lbs. bombs or six 5-in. rockets

General Motors FM-2 Wildcat (Grumman F4F), an early Navy fighter, was used as a private plane in March 1962.

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