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Facts about Rockwell Collins


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Facts about Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins, Inc. is an American multinational company supplying avionics and information technology systems and services to government agencies and aircraft manufacturers. Itis headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Arthur Collins established Collins Radio Company in 1993 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  It designed and manufactured both shortwave radio equipment and the equipment for the flourishing AM broadcast industry. Collins was requested by the military, the scientific group and by the larger AM radio stations for special equipment. Collins provided the tool to create a communications connection with the South Pole voyage of Rear Admiral Richard Byrd in 1993.

Collins became the major supplier of radio and navigation equipment used in the military, where rigid operation was required.

After the war years, the Collins Radio Company extended its work in all segments of the communications field while expanding its technology.This encouraged Arthur Collins into a more active responsibility for CEO directing department leaders carrying important roles. New improvements like flight control instruments, radio communication mechanisms, and satellite voice transmissions opened big opportunities in the market.Collins Radio Company supplied communications for America’s role in the Space Race, involving equipment for astronauts to communicate with earth stations and equipment to track and communicate with spacecraft.  Collins communications equipment was operated for projects Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo, delivering voice communication for any American astronaut moving through space. The US Skylab Program used Collins tool to provide communication from the astronauts to earth in 1973.

After experiencing financial difficulties, the Collins Radio Company was acquired by Rockwell International in 1973. In 2001, the avionics division of Rockwell International was turned off to start the current Rockwell Collins, Inc., keeping its name. Rockwell Collins is greatly focused in the defense and commercial avionics market.

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