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Facts about Nextant Aerospace


Facts about Nextant Aerospace

The Nextant Aerospace is a US-based company that specializes in the reprocessing and the remanufacturing of business jets, which are used for private jet chartered flights. It was founded and established in 2007 in Cleveland, Ohio by Kenneth C. “Kenn” Ricci, an aviation entrepreneur. He handles and serves as the chief executive officer of the company. Mr. Ricci is also a principal Directional Aviation Capital, which is a private investment firm that is responsible for focusing on the investments of the aviation,which owns or invests in various aviation enterprises,includingFlight Options and Flexjet, which he also serves as chairperson. Mr. Ricci is also an operating partner at Resilience Capital Partners, a private equity firm with a wide variety of portfolio companies, including an investment in Flight Options, and has helped found or lead other companies, including Nextant Aerospace and Constant Aviation. Nextant Aerospace is also the first company to introduce and announce the approach of aircraft remanufacturing to the business jet market.

The remanufacturing program of the Nextant’s aircraft is remarkable and renowned from ones focused on the refurbishment and the replacement of the engines and other components by a factory-based and standardized process, which is designed for the serialized production and construction.

Nextant Aerospace remanufactures business jets to fill in the need and the appeal for small to medium sized corporate aircraft. The company also maintains and offers aircraft warranty, pilot training, and as well as after sales support services all over the organization of service centers. It handles and serves aircraft buyers and as well as aircraft owners and military sectors through a network of sales representatives worldwide. It has numerous service centers, which are located in Cleveland, Ohio; Las Vegas, Nevada; Sacramento, California; Teterboro, New Jersey; West Palm Beach, Florida; Birmingham, Alabama; Augsburg, Germany; and Switzerland, South Africa, and Singapore.

The Nextant Aerospace first product is the Nextant 400XT (used for private jet chartered flights); a modified and a modernized Beechjet400A/XP amounting to almost half the price of the competitor models with proportionate and equal features and specifications. The 400XT is being shipped and transported with a two-year full aircraft warranty and after sales support, which is provided by a global network of owned and authorized service centers.

The aircraft bids benefits specifically several different seating configurations, a Rockwell Collins Venue cabin management system, entertainment equipment, LED lighting and the access on Internet and satellite phone.

The Nextant 400XT is being equipped with a 3,050-pound-thrust Williams FJ44-3AP Full Authority Digital Engine Controls (FADEC) turbofan engines and a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics suite. It has a numerous aerodynamic and airframe improvements, which consists of a streamlined, conically lofted engine cowling forward with a newly designed engine beam and mounting system that is importantly stronger when being correlated to the original installation.