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Facts about Flexjet


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Facts about Flexjet

Flexjet is known to be the third largest jet and turboprop manufacturing company in the world. It offers travelers access to the world’s most luxurious fleet of private jets.

In 1995, Flexjet first entered the fractional jet ownership market. It is the first and only company to receive the 14th Diamond Award for Excellence.

  • Programs – Personalized, flexible and tailored to your needs. Solutions for your travel needs are made only for you. They are designed to offer you a wide variety of service benefits exclusively. Programs are personalized offering the flexibility to alter the details of your ownership in accordance with your specific needs.

a)    Fractional Jet Ownership – This program is designed for the traveller who flies 50+ hours in a year. It allows you to purchase equity in a specific in a Flexjet aircraft. The number of hours you can fly in a year is dependent on how much of the jet you own. You can enjoy the benefits of owning an aircraft that comes with managing it. Their aviation team experts handle detail of your trip; all you have to do is tell them where you are going and when you are leaving.

b)    Lease Option – This is designed for travellers interested in the advantages of purchasing a share, without even owning an asset. These options begin at 50 hours annually.

c)    Jet Card – This is ideal for those flying fewer than 50 hours in a year. The Flexjet 25 Jet Card is allowing you to choose the jet that meets your specific needs. It offers a dedicated service advisor and guarantees your aircraft.

  • Service – The have an immense care for people. Their team takes every interaction, every request, and every want and need, personally. They believe in achieving such things is only made possible by working hand in hand with partners, FBOs, handlers, and vendors across the country and even around the globe.
  • Jet Collection

a)    Light and Super Light – These jets are built to execute short trips and short runways successfully. They offer increased access and economic benefits.

b)    Midsize and Super Midsize – Powerful, versatile and reliable. These jets are effective, efficient and valuable business assets.

c)    Large – They have quite, spacious and comfortable large cabin jets.These jets handle nonstop, transcontinental private charter flights easily.

d)    Ultra Long Range – These jets are high performing and extremely reliable. Enable you to connect the globe since each jet is built for international access and equipped in handling your business and personal need.

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