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English Channel


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English Channel

Fly Across The English Channel With a Private Jet Charter Flight

The English Channel is the narrow portion of the Atlantic Ocean that separates the United Kingdom from Central Europe. It may look like any ordinary channels anywhere in the world, but it played a huge historical significance. The English Channel protected the islanders of Britain from invaders of Mainland Europe during the ancient times, and it also played a strategic role during both World Wars.

Today, it is known to be one of the busiest seaways around the world as it opens Northern Europe to the Atlantic and the rest of the world. Airports are also found around the area, which cater to commercial flights and private jet charter flights.

The English Channel during the Earlier Centuries

To further increase economic opportunities, the idea of building a Channel tunnel first came up in 1802 and was implemented in the late 1900s. However, the construction was put to a stop later on. It was finally completed in 1990 and is now known as Eurotunnel that runs from Dover to Calais. It connects the rail networks and roads of Britain and Mainland Europe that allow freights by land.

Apart from being a major sea route for cargo and passenger vessels, the English Channel also plays a part in aviation. In fact, in 1909, Louis Blériot is the first to fly across the English Channel from Calais to England, which earned him a prize of £1,000 given by the London Daily Mail. Before the stunt, Blériot used his small fortune from manufacturing headlights and other automotive accessories to build aircraft.

After successfully crossing the channel, he became one of the leading aircraft manufacturers during the time. Although monoplanes are not his original invention, they created a significant change in aviation, both commercial and military in the world war era. Later on, monoplanes were offered for private jet charter flights for people who do not own one, but want to enjoy the perks of flying one.

The English Channel and Tourism Industry

The advancement of transport means in the English Channel gave way to huge economic opportunities both large-scale and small-scale, and this includes the tourism industry.

The English Channel coast is comprised of the south coast of England, West Coast, Atlantic of the Irish Sea, and East Coast of the North Sea.

Due to the good climate, attractive beach coasts, modern resorts, museums, the surrounding countryside and endless recreational activities, day trippers from around the neighboring places and holiday makers from all over the world flock in around the English Channel via cross-channel ferries, train, commercial flights, and private jet charter flights.

Even with the development of railroads, ferry services was still much preferred because they are relatively cheap and accessible. But for people who want to avoid longer travel time, commercial flights are offered by budget airlines, or they can avail the  private jet charter flights.

Private jet charter flights are a great way to go if you want to get hold of your time, avoid long lines of vacationers, to travel in comfort and to avoid the inconvenience of delays and hours of travel. So, if you desire to travel through a private jet charter flight, Charter Flight Group is always keen to assist you with your traveling needs.Contact us today!