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Embraer KC-390


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Embraer KC-390

Facts about Embraer KC-390


Embraer is one of the largest aerospace manufacturers all throughout the world. It is a Brazilian aerospace manufacturer that focuses on the production of the military, agriculture, commercial, and executive aircraft that offers executive jet charter services.

Embraer KC-390 is one of the Embraer’s aircraft products. It is a military transport aircraft that is powered by two engines. Its development is under the Brazilian Aerospace Manufacturer Embraer.

This military transport aircraft can perform air-refuelling – the process where transferring of aviation fuel from one military aircraft to another takes place. It also can transport cargo and troops.

So far, the Embraer KC-390 is the heaviest military transport cargo that the Embraer has ever designed and produced. It could transport cargo that weighs up to 23 tons, and this includes the combat vehicle, the wheeled armoured fighting vehicles.

The Embraer aerospace manufacturing started to study about the military tactical transport design in 2006. They thought of a military aircraft that has the same size with the turboprop military transport aircraft, Lockheed C-130 Hercules.

In 2007, the Embraer started to study about an aircraft that has a medium-sized air lifter, the C-390. The military transport aircraft’s aim to combine it with some of the technological solutions of the Embraer E-Jet Series.

Luiz Carlos Aguiar, the former president of the Embraer Defence and security, foresees that there will be a need to increase the production of this type of military transport aircraft. He believes that some of the military aircraft nowadays need to be replaced with the new ones in the next ten years.

In 2008 of March, the Brazilian government thought of investing an amount of $33 million for the aircraft’s development initially.

In the same year, the Brazilian Congress spent $440 million on their investment and the aircraft’s development. They admitted that these aircraft were not just for the Brazilian Air Force to use. These can also be used by the Brazilian Navy and the Brazilian Army.

The Embraer Aerospace manufacturing was about to utilize the Embraer E-190’s components, but the Brazilian Air Force did not agree with their idea. They demanded that the components should be equal to the C-130. So, they thought to develop the concept of KC-390 without any similarities with the E-190.

In 2009 of April, the Embraer Aerospace manufacturing team received a $1.5 billion contract award. This award has given the team the opportunity to develop and create two prototypes.

The following year, they announced that the first prototype aircraft will be delivered in the last quarter of 2014.

In the same year, the Farnborough Airshow was held, and that was the time when the Brazilian Air Force announced their KC-390 orders. The Embraer also announced that they will be increasing the cargo capacity of the KC-390 to 23 short tons.

Today, the Embraer aerospace manufacturing has remained to be one of the largest aerospace manufacturing companies that produce both military and civil aviation aircraft that are used in commercial flights and executive jet charter services.At Charter Flight Group, we have a number of Embraer aircraft for executive jet charter. Get in touch with us to inquire about our available Embraer Jets for executive jet charter.We are always enthusiastic to attend to all your needs.