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Embraer E – Jet Family


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Embraer E – Jet Family

Getting to Know the Embraer E-Jet Family

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Embraer E-Jet Family is a series of jets produced by the Brazilian aerospace company that caters both commercial and private jet charter flights. Embraer aircraft have a narrow body small passenger jets that could accommodate up to 118 passengers depending on the Embraer E-Jet type.

Embraer E-Jets has four versions, and these are the Embraer 170, Embraer 175, Embraer 190, and Embraer 195. The E-170/175 and the E-190-195 are the branches. The latter is considered as the stretched Embraer version. These E-jets have relatively more powerful engines, larger wings and horizontal stabilizers. These also are created with a stronger landing gear structure.

The Embraer 170 and 175 are the smaller jets in the E-jet family. These are being powered by a 14,200-pound (of thrust each) General Electric CF34-8E engines.

Embraer 170

The Embraer 170 was the very first Embraer aircraft. It was launched and conducted its maiden flight last February 19, 2002. Two years later, a certificate has been issued by the aviation authorities of Brazil, Europe, and the US.It is an aircraft that could accommodate up to 78 passengers in a typical two-class setting. Additionally, it could fly up to 2,102 nmi. It has a length of 95 ft 1 in and a height of 32 ft4 in.

Embraer 175

The next launched Embraer jet was the Embraer 175. It made its maiden flight last 2003 of June and entered service with Air Canada last 2005 of July. This version of Embraer aircraft could accommodate more passengers compared to the Embraer 170. It is capable of fitting up to 86 passengers in a standard two-class configuration. This has the same engine with the Embraer 170.

Embraer 190

The Embraer 190 made its maiden flight last March 12, 2004. This E-190’s fuselage length is 118 ft11 in. It has a height of 34 ft 7 in and a wingspan of 94 ft3 in. This E-jet could accommodate up to 98 passengers in a typical two-class layout. This is powered by an 18,500-pound (of thrust each) GE CF34—10E turbofans.

Embraer 195

And lastly, the Embraer 195, whichwas launched last 2006. This version Embraer could accommodate up to 100 passengers in a typical two-class configuration. This uses the same engine as the Embraer 190.

The Embraer E-jet family has been introduced in June 1999 at the Paris Air Show. The Regional Compagnie Aerienne Europeenne, a French Airliner, and Crossairwere one of the customers then who ordered the newly launched Embraer jets. The Regional Compagnie Aerienne Europeenne ordered five options for the Embraer 170 while Crossair ordered thirty Embraer 170s and thirty Embraer 190s.

The E-jet family’s production began in 2000 of July that also led the manufacturer to build a new factory located at Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. The manufacturing site then started to produce the E-jets in 2002.

Generally, these Embraer aircraft are used by mainline and regional airlines around the world including private jet charter flights. These are one of the best-selling regional aircraft in the world.