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Eclipse 500


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Eclipse 500

Eclipse 500:An Inexpensive Yet High-class Twin Turbofan Jet

The Eclipse 500 is a light jet produced by the Eclipse Aviation at their facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Eclipse 500 is promoted for pilots, air taxi and aircraft charter services, as an inexpensive yet exclusive 6-seater twin turbofan jet.

The twin-turbofan jet engine allows the Eclipse 500 to fly to an altitude of 41,000 feet, which eludes severe weather systems.

The Eclipse 500 travels at a speed of 370kt or 685km/h at a range of 1,496 miles.

Eclipse 500 Design

The aircraft is constructed from conventional aluminum along with traditional components like rib frames, clips, spars, and stringers. All of the vital joints, like the skin splices, spar for the fuselage attachments and the bulkhead are fastened mechanically.

Eclipse has given the contract to Fuji Heavy Industries to produce the complete wing assembly with the use of licensed friction stir welding process from Eclipse. ENAER of Chile has the contract to manufacture the whole nose assembly, and Ducommun Inc. of California is responsible for supplying the cockpit skin panels and fuselage.

The aircraft has horizontal tail and wing pneumatic de-icing boots. The air data probes and the windshield are fixed with de-icing systems that are powered by electricity.

The Hampson Industries of UK is responsible for the elevators, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, rudder, and empennage. The radome is supplied by Sain Gobain, and the system tube assemblies are supplied by Steico Industries.

Tests and Certification

In August of 2002, Eclipse 500 made its maiden flight using Williams EJ22 engines. And in November of 2002, Eclipse Aviation has decided to change the engines with Pratt and Whitney Canada PW610F engines. And it made its first flight using the PW610F engines in December of 2004.

DayjetTaxi Operator is the first to obtain the aircraft; then 3 were supplied last April of 2007. And in September of 2007, Dayjet received 12 aircraft and launched an operation in October 2007 with the use of Eclipse 500 aircraft.

Eclipse Aviation has acknowledged order for of around 2,600 aircraft, which included Dayjet order of 239 (plus 70 options), for Jet Set Air of UK of 25 (plus 25 options), for ETIRC Aviation of Europe for 120 (plus 60 options) and for Linear Air of USA for 15 (plus 15 options). By the end of July of 2008, roughly 2,000 aircraft had been delivered and amassed over 20,000 hours of flight.

The aircraft can take-off from dirt, paved or grass runways, with a take-off run of 700m. The aircraft stall speed of the Eclipse 500 is 124km/h (67kt) which easily provides asafe landing.

In June of 2008, Eclipse Aviation launched the single-engine four-place Eclipse 400. It is powered with PW615F engine from Pratt & Whitney Canada and can travel at 41,000 feet. It has an estimated maximum travel speed of 330kt and range of 1,250nm with IFR reserves.

The Eclipse 500 aircraft is one of our aircraft that anchors our charter fleet. If you are only 4 or less in the group traveling, this is the perfect aircraft that best fits your requirements and mission profiles. Unlike the larger corporate jets that were designed for a different mission; the Eclipse 500 was intended to accommodate four passengers (in a two-pilot arrangement), and five passengers (in a single-pilot arrangement), with a 1,200 nautical mile range.

Without a doubt, the Eclipse 500’s cost-efficiency is becoming legendary. For more information about how our fleet of Eclipse 500 Aircraft can fulfill your private charter flights, call us today at 888-634-7449.