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Duties of a Flight Attendant


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Duties of a Flight Attendant

The most evident roles of a flight attendant might be demonstrating safety precautions and giving refreshments. However, their job has more significant extent of responsibility than these. A flight attendant serves as an ambassador of the airliner to the passengers by ensuring that the latter is comfortable during flight. A flight attendant also acts as an administrative staff aboard the airplane, in charge of reporting and doing an inventory to make sure the flight runs smoothly. Their most vital job, however, is ensuring the safety of everybody aboard.

Administrative Duties

Flight attendants must be present at flight briefings to explain what to expect during flight and enlighten any special passenger concerns. When aboard, the flight attendants make an inventory of the first aid equipment and refreshments and inform proper personnel for any shortages. During the flight, the flight attendants take into account the money earned from purchased refreshments or used headset and record the sales. After the flight, the flight attendants provide reports to the airline company with flight info, which includes any medical issues met and the condition of the cabin.

Passenger Comfort

To provide a more an enjoyable flying experience, flight attendants use a considerable amount of their time making sure that the needs of the passengers are met and that they are comfortable. Before the flight, flight attendants lessen stress and wait time by guiding passengers into their seats and helping them store their carry-on baggage. They ensure the comfort of the passengers by providing blankets, sleep masks, headsets, or magazines. Depending on how long the flight is, flight attendants may provide food and beverages as many as three times to both crew and passengers. During the flight, flight attendants attend to the requests of the passengers as much as possible. At the flight’s end, the flight attendants aid the passengers with their carry-on baggage and in exiting the aircraft.

Passenger Safety

The main concern of flight attendants is to ensure every passenger’s safety aboard the plane. They are responsible for showing safety demos or providing a video with safety directions to show passengers how to use lifesaving devices in the aircraft properly. It is also the job of the flight attendants to secure the door of the aircraft and ensure all emergency equipment and exits are working properly. Flight attendants also make sure that all loose items in the cabin are secured and check if passengers are observing safety procedures to avoid incidents mid-flight. If any of the passengers is showing unsafe behavior during the flight, it is the job of the attendants to respond by notifying passengers of the violation and implementing safety procedures if needed.


In cases of emergencies, flight attendants are in charge in helping passengers. This may be simple as giving assurance in times of turbulence or as severe as providing first air or withdrawing passenger from the aircraft. Flight attendants are always ready to give instruction and direction in the case of emergency landing and in assisting passengers in using emergency equipment and out of emergency exits. If there is a medical emergency during flight, the flight attendants will assess the passenger’s condition, perform first aid if necessary, and upon landing, informs the cockpit crew of what happened. If is also the job of the flight attendants to report any malfunctions faced during flight so the problem will be tended after landing.

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