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The Middle East’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination, Dubai, is quickly becoming a top destination for travelers. Dubai offers attractions for all ages and interests. From designer shopping to water sports, dune bashing and everything in between, Dubai’s diverse range of attractions are just waiting to be discovered.

Here are the great reasons Dubai should be in your travel list:

  1. Shopping

Shopping is among the reasons why one visits Dubai, so if you are there, don’t miss it out. Shopping id Dubai is not like anywhere else, stores may be same, but the shopping experience is different. In Souk Madinat, there are waterways that can transport you from one store to another.

  1. Inexpensive Dining

Many people opt to travel to Dubai for the luxury. However, few of the best cuisine can be found in the poor neighborhoods in Dubai. On the Al Dhiyafah Road, you can enjoy great street foods from places such as India, Iran and Lebanon.

  1. Warm Weather

The weather can also be the reason many people visit Dubai. It continues to be moderate and warm and is a great break from the cold weather of Europe. Dubai has a great public beach which is Al Mamzar, and if you’re lucky enough you can get a place on a few of the hotel sand.

  1. The Man-Made Islands

As a great show of their wealth, Dubai had created an offshore venture where they formed man-made islands shaped off the coast. The first island has the shape of a palm tree and the second island is famously known as “The World”.If you are rich enough, you can purchase your “country”.

  1. Contemporary Architecture

Dubai has a great display of architecture that combines new and modern designs. The Burj Al Arab or also known as Burj Dubai is not only a wonderful work of art but the tallest hotel in the world. You can check its top floor bar if you are not frightened of heights.

  1. Cosmopolitan City

Dubai is considered a place where world travelers meet. If you are in Dubai, chances are you are going to meet various people from different walks of life. This diversity creates a vibrant atmosphere and an extraordinary trip.

  1. Major Golf Tournaments

Dubai to some degree is addicted to golf. Big tournaments with big cash prizes are hosted in Dubai each year. If you want to try your swing, you can try the Tiger Woods course which he designed himself.

  1. Ensured Safety

If you are in Dubai, you can leave your problems behind completely. It claims a title as one of the safest cities in the world. As a matter of fact, crime almost doesn’t exist inside the city lines.

  1. Extravagant Hotels

Dubai is among the wealthiest city in the world, and if you have the cash to spend, this city is where you should spend it. Among the premium luxury hotels in the world can be found in Dubai.

  1. Hospitality

Even if you do not have enough cash to spend, Dubai’s culture is friendly. It doesn’t matter what social class you are, the people in Dubai are famous for their generosity and openhandedness which makes a warm welcome for visitors.

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