Do Private Jets Have Wi-Fi?

Do Private Jets Have Wi-Fi?


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Do Private Jets Have Wi-Fi?

When it comes to the world of flying private, many travelers wonder, do private jets have wi-fi? After all, it is often essential to stay connected, whether you are conducting business or keeping in touch with family during your travels. But the truth is, not all high-tech private jets offer wi-fi connectivity. If having wi-fi is a top priority for you, you will want to check with your specific aircraft and charter plane service company. Below, we will go into more detail about what you can expect in terms of private jet wi-fi options during your upcoming travels.

Types of Wi-Fi

If you are wondering if private jets have wi-fi, the answer is sometimes. Not all private jets have wi-fi capabilities, but some do. Those that do offer wi-fi acquire connectivity using either ground-to-air wi-fi or satellite wi-fi. Ground-to-air wi-fi receives its signal from towers on the ground, but this means the jet cannot provide access while flying over big bodies of water. In contrast, aircraft that use satellite wi-fi have onboard routers that communicate with a satellite in geostationary orbit, allowing you to receive signals even when flying over open water. While both kinds of wi-fi offer relatively reliable service, satellite wi-fi tends to achieve higher Internet speeds than the ground-to-air providers.

Perks of Wi-Fi

For the private jets with wi-fi access, you can remain connected during your journey. After all, the time you are spending in the sky is a prime opportunity for productivity. Need to host a conference meeting or owe your uncle a call? Wi-fi can make it all happen. Bring your laptop along and catch up on emails during your flight or text message your family about dinner plans. Whether you need Internet access to take care of business or to communicate with your friends, a private aircraft with wi-fi will take care of all your connectivity needs.

Cost of Wi-Fi

Of the private jets that do offer wi-fi, some charter companies charge extra for it. You may find the cost of wi-fi bundled into your overall flight rate, while other times, it may be its own fee. Also, while it is becoming more common to find Internet connection available on domestic private flights, it can be more challenging–and expensive–to acquire it on private international flights.

Charter Flight Group Wi-Fi Options

Is a high-tech private jet with wi-fi access a must for you? If so, speak with one of our Charter Flight Group representatives for more details on private jet wi-fi options and what we can arrange for your next flight. Currently, wi-fi access is only enabled only on super midsize jets and heavy jets. And if you belong to our Jet Card membership program, members at the 250K and 500K level can receive wi-fi access, too.

Choose Charter Flight Group

Whether having connectivity during your journey is important to you or not, you know you are in good hands when you fly with Charter Flight Group. In addition to providing you with the most elevated service and inviting you to choose your specific aircraft, we are committed to the highest standards of private jet safety. We hand-select your flight crew and require that every aircraft undergoes a thorough safety inspection before each flight. Reserve your next aircraft with us today and settle in for your pedigree flight to your destination.