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Private Jet to Manhattan, NY

As part of the most densely populated areas and one of the most affluent in America, Manhattan is also one of the most traveled to and from locations in the nation. As such, private charter services to and from Manhattan, New York are among the busiest in the world and Charter Flight Group is no different. Still, regardless of how busy we may be, we can always provide a flight to Manhattan for you. As a leader in the Charter Flight industry, we hold the unique position of being able to provide virtually any kind of luxury aircraft you could need for any occasion.

Charter Flight Group has been helping private jet clients
worldwide for more than thirty years
avoid the long security checks and crowded terminals common at LaGuardia and other airports in the area. We are able to provide the kind of service that our clients demand for a couple of simple reasons. First, we place a premium on ensuring that only the best pilots in the world tend to our clients. Through a careful screening process, we ensure that each pilot has not only the extensive experience in the type of aircraft they operate needed to provide smooth, worry-free flights, but also a sterling record of professional service. We do this because we want every flight to be safe, comfortable, and on-schedule every time because we know that time is valuable to our clients. We also understand that many of our clients wish to conduct business in flight and this can only be accomplished by pilots who know how to fly above the turbulence so common on many other flights.

Second, we place a premium on safety for without a safe flight, nothing else matters. To ensure that every flight is as safe as humanly possible, we first only retain the most highly-skilled, certified ground crews to ensure that every private charter jet or turboprop is maintained to the highest of standards. Even flight attendants are carefully screened for their professionalism and record of courteous and confidential service. In addition, whereas the FAA provides minimum requirements for safety, we go beyond by using the services of both Wyvern and ARG/US to ensure that each charter aircraft in the fleet is thoroughly inspected regularly.

This is a must given the size of the fleet at our disposal. Whether a client needs a small private jet such as a Lear jet or Cessna for a quick business lunch to Chicago or even a jumbo jet such as the Boeing Business Jet for a conference in Geneva, Switzerland, our goal remains to provide the safest, most luxurious, and reliable private charter service in the world. In short, we leave nothing to chance here at Charter Flight Group when it comes to the safety, comfort, and confidentiality of our clients needs. This is the reason so many busy executives choose Charter Flight Group for their private flights.

Private Jet Flights into Manhattan

Of course, when chartering a jet to or from Manhattan, there are three primary choices of airports from which to choose. Naturally, many choose LaGuardia which is located on the east side of Manhattan in the borough of Flushing, but seasoned travelers to Lower Manhattan often prefer Newark International for its easier proximity to that part of the city whereas those traveling to and from Upper Manhattan often choose Teterboro, also on the New Jersey side. Of course, if your business in Manhattan takes you also to Brooklyn, you may prefer JFK International just to the southeast of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

But there are also various Executive Airports which some prefer for various reasons so unless you already have a preference in mind, it would be best to simply discuss your specific travel plans and arrangements with any of our expert charter planners which are available 24/7 to help book your private charter flight.

Your Private Jet Charter Trip to Manhattan

As a region of such importance and prominence in the nation, those chartering a flight to Manhattan do so for many reasons.

Some book a private flight for business because Manhattan is home to the most vibrant financial sector in the world, namely, Wall Street. That aside, the borough also boasts seven of the largest advertising agencies in the world and an enormous corporate presence. In fact, the largest CBD in the US is Manhattan so simply put, any business interest can be found here.

Of course, as one of the most dominant tourist destinations in the world, many charter a private flight to the island in order to enjoy its numerous attractions. For instance, millions travel to Manhattan every year simply to take in the numerous shows on Broadway, such as Jersey Boys, Phantom of the Opera, and the Lion King.

Still others come just to take in the delightful sounds of the Metropolitan Opera. Not to be missed naturally, is the world famous Manhattan Skyline and Central Park. For an incredible and breathtaking view of the city, be sure to visit Top of the Rock Observation Deck. In addition, the scores of wonderful shopping locales such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany’s are among the sole destinations visited by many taking private flights to the city. Essentially, there is nothing that cannot be found in Manhattan, one of the most vibrant and alive regions in the world.

Why Choose Charter Flight Group For your Jet Charter to Manhattan?

Because Charter Flight Group places an emphasis on professional, timely, and luxurious safe flights, we have become the premier choice for busy private flight travelers worldwide.

Whether choosing your private charter to Manhattan or from the borough to any destination worldwide, you can book with Charter Flight Group comfortable in the knowledge that you are in good hands. Each member of our staff is trained to ensure that your flight will be the best experience possible.

We understand that the reason we are growing is simple: We take care of our clients. Really, the best reason to choose Charter Flight Group is that once you have, you will never need to choose again.

The CFG Difference

Charter Flight Group is the right choice for the private charter clientele. Our reliability, costs, and attentiveness enables us to surpass the competition.

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