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Denver Broncos


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Denver Broncos

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The Denver Broncos team is based in the United States, specifically in Denver, Colorado. It is a professional American football team that consists of members of the American Football Conference in the National League, West Division.

The Denver Broncos team started to play way back in 1960’s. At that time, the team was a member of the charter of the American Football League. When the two major professional American football Leagues, American Football League and National Football League, merged in 1970, the Denver Broncos team still joined.

On August 14, 1959, Bob Howsam was awarded a charter franchise by the American Football League – the time when the Denver Broncos was built. Their first game happened on September 9, 1960, where they won over the Boston Patriotsby a score of 13-10. This was their first-ever American Football League game.

In May 1961, Gerald Phipps purchased the team from the original owner, Bob Howsam.

In 1967 of August, the preseason game was held, and it was Denver Broncos vs. Detroit Lions which happened to be a National Football League team. The Denver Broncos won over the Detroit Lions, and this made them the first team who successfully defeated a team under the National Football League. The score was 13-7.

However, the Denver Broncos team lost its franchise in the mid-1960 since it didn’t have enough wins. But two years after, the team was rebuilt by a local ownership group and for the first time, they had their superstar, and it’s in the name of Floyd Little – the one who was known as “The Franchise”.

In 1972, John Ralston, the former coach of the Stanford University was hired by the Denver Broncos Team to be their head coach. The following year, John Ralston became the coach of the year of the United Press International’s American Football Conference. This happened when the Denver Broncos got their first winning season at 7-5-2.

But even though the Denver Broncos won several times in 1976, they still weren’t able to get the chance to join the playoffs.

John Ralston was then replaced by Red Miller since the players were not that satisfied with his coaching abilities.

1n 1977, the team had their first playoff appearance at the Super Bowl. They fought against the Dallas Cowboys and lost by a score of 27-10.

Four years after, Edgar Kaiser, Jr., a Canadian financier, purchased the Denver Broncos team from Gerald Phipps and then sold to Pat Bowlen in 1984.

With the help of Dan Reeves and John Elway, the Denver Broncos team had these following accomplishments: six post-season appearances, five American Football Conference West divisional titles, three American Football Conference championships, and three Super Bowl appearances.

In 1999, John Elway retired but returned to the organization in 2011. He was the Denver Broncos’ Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Also, the team hired John Fox as their head coach.

John Fox was replaced by Gary Kubiak in January 2015. Kubiak is the present head coach of the Denver Broncos.

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