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Corsair International

Facts aboutCorsair International


An airline based in Rungis, France and founded by the Corsican Rossi Family. Currently, The Corsair International is considered as the second largest French Airline after Air France. It operates international scheduled and chartered private jet flights to 15 destinations in the French overseas territories such as Africa and North America. The Corsair International was based at Orly Airport, Paris.

Long before, it was named as Corse Air International, and it was established in 1981 and the operations started on May 17, 1981. Nouvelles Frontieres, a French tour operator, acquired the airline in the year 1990, and it was changed to Corsair. TIU AG, one of the world’s leading tour operator groups, took over the acquisition to Nouvelles Frontieres in the year 2000.

The Corsair Aircraft was repainted with the colors of TUI, blue fuselage with the TUI-logo, like its sister airlines. By the year 2005, all its affiliated airlines were renamed to TUIfly by TUI group.

The Corsair International held the record for most seats on a passenger aircraft with 587 seats on Boeing 747-400s until such time that they have received a new interior with a new lower capacity amounting to 533 passengers.

At long last they announced the intention to expand its medium-haul network to the Mediterranean and its long-haul network to Canada and the United States in the year 2008. In June 2010, the first destination in the said expansion was Miami, but sad to say, the rest of the plan was later on abandoned due to the change in the airline’s strategy.

A plan which they called “Takeoff 2012” was announced by Corsairfly dated last May 27, 2010. The aim of the Takeoff 2012 plan was to modernize the airline. The inclusion of the plan was to reduce the workforce by 25 %, the replacement of 3 Boeing 747-400 by 2 Airbus A330-300 from TUI Group and all the aircraft cabin refurbishment. All of the proposals were still in pending status for approval by the Union since October 2010.

The name was changed to Corsair International and the unveiling of the new corporate image in line with the planned operational changes was announced last March 22, 2012.

As of now, Corsair’s owner is a German Tourism Company TUI Group, is trying to sell the loss-making airline.

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