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Colgan Air Flight 3407


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Colgan Air Flight 3407

The Colgan Air Flight 3407 Tragedy

The Colgan Air Flight 3407 crashed on February 12, 2009. It was marketed as Continental Connection under a code share agreement with Continental Airlines. Supposed to be, the route of the Colgan Air Flight 3407 was from Newark, New Jersey to Buffalo, New York. The aircraft entered a low-altitude stall in which the plane was not able to recover and crashed. It crashed into a house located in Clarence Center at 10:17 pm, which killed all the 49 passengers, including the aircrew and cabin crew and one person inside the house where the aircraft crashed. A total of 50 persons died in the tragedy. There were four injuries on the ground including the two people inside the house when the crash happened.

The Colgan Air Flight 3407 was considered as the first fatal accident of a commercial airline in the U.S since the August 2006 crash of Com air Flight 5191. The National Transportation Safety Board took in-charge on investigating what was the real reason on why the Colgan Air Flight 3407 crashed. The Colgan Air Flight 3407 was the most recent deadly crash of a U.S based commercial liner.

Last February 2, 2010, the National Transportation Safety Board issued a report regarding the crash stating and determining that inappropriate response to the stall warnings by the pilot was the leading cause of why the crash happened.

It was found out that the aircraft went through severe pitch and roll oscillations after positioning its flaps and landing gear for landing after the initial analysis of the recordings. Until such time that the aircraft had been normally maneuvering.

During the accident investigation process, the safety issues examined and inspected the pilot training, the process of their hiring and fatigue problems.

According to the final report, it was considered as the accident’s probable cause was that the captain’s inappropriate response to the activation of the stick shaker which led to an aerodynamic stall and that the plane was not able to recover.

Here are the four factors reported after a thorough investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board as the cause of the Colgan Air Flight 3407’s crash:

  • Failure of the flight’s crew to observe, track and check the airspeed in relation to the rising position of the low-speed cue.
  • Failure of the flight’s crew to represent truthfully and in detail the sterile cockpit procedures.
  • Failure of the captain of the plane to effectively and completely manage the flight.
  • Inadequate and incompetent procedure of Colgan Air for airspeed selection and management during approaches in icing conditions.

After this incident, the FAA implemented that prior to hiring a pilot; he/she should have Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP) qualifications of up to 1500 hours of flight experience.

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