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Know the Corporate Jet Charter Aircraft that Best Suits You 

Flying out on a corporate jet charter flight soon? Here are different types of corporate jet charter aircraft to help you choose the aircraft that perfectly suits your travel necessities:

Single Piston

Single-engine jet is appropriate for short-range flights with a limited number of passengers or light cargo. It is made to fly under fair weather settings and is powered by an engine with a single propeller. This jet is capable of landing in airfields with shorter runways, thus getting the passenger much closer to their destination. A single-engine airplane is normally piloted by a single pilot; however, a corporate jet charter provider can supply a co-pilot if requested. The average passenger capacity of a single-engine aircraft is 3-5 people.

Twin Piston/Multi-Piston

Aircraft with twin piston or multi-piston is a cost-effective corporate jet charter aircraft that is great for short-range passenger flights or light cargo. The benefit of flying with this aircraft is that it is economical compared to turbo prop and is more full-bodied than a single engine airplane. It is also a lot safer and reliable compared to a single-engine plane in reduced weather settings.Twin piston multi-engine airplane is normally flown by one pilot; however, a co-pilot can be provided if requested.The average passenger capacity of twin piston multi-engine aircraft is 1-8 people.


Turboprop aircraft are great for short to medium range corporate jet charter flights with a duration of 2 to 4 hours and cover a range of roughly 1,000 miles. Turboprop airplane is a combination of the efficient benefits of the piston aircraft and the cabin comfort benefits of a light jet. Famous for short to medium range flights, turboprop can land on runways that are too short for a jet airplane. The average passenger capacity of a turboprop aircraft is 4-8 people.

Light to Midsize Executive Jet

Flying on an executive jet aircraft is considered as the most efficient means of traveling and is apt for medium to long distance flights. With an average cruise speed of 450 mph and a typical nonstop range of 1,250 miles to 2,200 miles, a jet can fly much further and speedier compared to a non-jet airplane at the same time operating easily in airfields inaccessible by many airlines. In a light jet, amenities include a semi-private lavatory and pressurized passenger cabin while medium size jet often has external baggage storage and private lavatory. The average passenger capacity of an executive jet aircraft is 4-18 people.

Heavy Executive Jet

Heavy jet is a high-end executive aircraft that provides top performance and services for long-range flights. With a typical cruise speed of around 500 miles per hour and an average non-stop range of 4,000 miles, a heavy jet is powered by turbofan engines and can fly further and more comfortable as compared to small jets while working in and out of airfields inaccessible to major airlines. On board amenities in a heavy jet include DVD, fax, a full galley, private lavatory, satellite phone, and an external baggage compartment. A flight attendant is normally provided in this corporate jet charter aircraft to assist in serving gourmet food and attend your further needs. The average passenger capacity of a heavy executive jet aircraft is 8-19 people.

VIP Business Jet

A VIP business jet is a full-scale passenger airliner modified for optimum business luxury and usage. With a range of 6,000 miles, which means that it can travel nonstop halfway around the world while operating on airfields typically used by smaller executive jets. Private VIP business jets come in different configurations that are greatly modified. A normal design may only have 16 seats, a boardroom, cinema, hotel, restaurant, and an office – wrapped in one. On the other hand, it can be personalized to accommodate 50 passengers in somewhat less elegance. Though many of the VIP business jets are utilized for scheduled service, several are available for corporate jet charter through various charter operators including Charter Flight Group.

So, you already know the various types of aircraft that can be used for your corporate jet charter flight; next thing to do is contact us so that we can customize and schedule your flight.