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How Does Charter Flight Group's Jet Inventory Impact My Travel?

How Does Charter’s Inventory Impact My Travel?


December 20, 2021

Jordan Brown

If you are already familiar with flying privately, we do not have to tell you twice about how glorious and exclusive the experience is. You already know that your every travel need is taken care of, no matter how big or small the request. And, of course, you get to indulge in the finest white-glove service and the most exquisite amenities catered to all your preferences. After all, there is nothing quite like traveling on a private jet. 

With that said, some elements could affect your private jet travels. For example, perhaps your charter company has a limited private jet inventory. How can a charter’s inventory impact your travel plans, and how can you avoid it? Check out our guide below to find out more. 

Your Aircraft Make and Model

One of the major perks of flying private is having the opportunity to choose the exact kind of aircraft you want for your upcoming travels. Maybe you have your heart set on the Citation Latitude model, or you never stray from the tried-and-true Hawker 850XP. However, if your charter flight company were to face limited inventory, your preferred aircraft may not be available. 

The good news is that many charter companies have a large aircraft fleet, so similar makes and models are often available. For example, at Charter Flight Group, we feature more than 6,000 jets that fall into six different size categories, so you are bound to find one that suits your preferences, even if it is not your first choice. Explore our private jet comparisons to see what aircraft we offer. 

The CFG Jet Card Membership Program

  • Access Preferred Network of 5,700 private jets worldwide
  • Ultimate freedom of choice of FAA Part 135 approved aircraft
  • No commitment; no membership fees; cancel any time
  • Extend membership to anyone in your company or travel party
  • Prestigious executive jet concierge service available 24/7/365
  • Personalized luxury from gourmet catering to VIP ground transport
  • Get free jet upgrades based on availability

Your Destination

Another advantage of reserving a private jet is that you get to decide which airports you want to travel to and from. But that may not be the case if there is not an aircraft available for you or if you are reserving a flight last-minute. 

In this case, you may need to be open with your travel plans. Your charter flight company might fly you out of a nearby airport or you may have to go with a different kind of aircraft if you are on a tight schedule. 

When you fly with Charter Flight Group, we go out of our way to ensure you have a jet where and when you need it. If, for some reason, your ideal jet is not available at your preferred location, we will go out of our way to accommodate. 

Your Flight Schedule

In the same vein, your private charter’s inventory could affect whether you can fly out at your preferred time. For instance, if you need a flight out as urgent as this evening or tomorrow morning, the company may not have a set of wings for you if they are already booked up. 

Fortunately, at Charter Flight Group, our vast private jet inventory allows us to have a jet ready for you within just a few hours of you contacting us. When you fly with us, we can cater to even the most last-minute travel requests. 

Your Flight Price

In some cases, if a charter company is facing limited inventory, it could affect the price of your private flight. The law of supply and demand tells us that prices will increase when demand increases and supplies stay the same. Therefore, if more travelers are turning to private jets but inventory remains low, then you will likely face higher rates associated with flying private. 

Here at Charter Flight Group, we offer workarounds to avoid price increases like our Fixed Route Program. If you travel the same flight path frequently, this program lets you lock in the rate of those journeys, so you do not have to face fluctuating market prices.

How Can You Avoid These Impacts?

One of the best ways to avoid these impacts is to go with a charter company with an extensive fleet like Charter Flight Group. This way, you can rest assured that an aircraft will be ready for you where and when you need it. 

Another option is to reserve your private jet as far in advance as possible. This gives your charter flight company plenty of time to track down and prepare your aircraft in advance of your travels. 

Finally, being flexible is the key to overcoming inventory challenges. Are you able to rearrange your travel times? Or are you willing to fly into a different airport than you originally planned? You can also look into empty-leg flights if you are not bound to a strict travel schedule. Empty-leg charters refer to aircraft that completed a one-way journey but would otherwise fly empty back to their home base. Sometimes charter companies offer these to travelers (often at reduced rates) because they do not want to fly without passengers. 

Book Your Private Jet with Charter Flight Group

Are you wondering how to book a private jet? Allow us to take care of it for you. Here at Charter Flight Group, we are the experts at arranging your private jet travels. As soon as you contact us for a reservation, we will get right to work, making sure your private jet charter is ready on the tarmac as soon as you are ready for takeoff. We cover all the details, tailoring your private jet to suit all your travel needs and then some. When you reserve your jet with us, you can get ready for an unrivaled pedigree flight experience. 

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