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Charter Flight Group Aircraft Guide


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Charter Flight Group Aircraft Guide

Here at Charter Flight Group, we strive to provide the utmost in excellence for our clients. Being comprehensive in our services also means our aircraft selection has a wide variety to meet all of our clients unique needs. If you’re looking to decide what aircraft to charter for your next trip, allow us to explain the different types of aircrafts we have available and help you make your decision:

Types of Private Aircraft


Turbo jets are unique because they use turboprop engines. These are a very economical choice because they carry as many passengers as business air charter jets, but they use less fuel. There are a variety of turbo jet options to choose from, here are a few we offer:

Beechcraft King Air 250
Pilatus PC-12
Beechcraft 1900

Very Light

These compact and economical jets can fit around 4 to 7 passengers. Typically their range is around 1,100 nautical miles. If you’re looking to take a quick trip with a small group, this makes for the perfect option. Here are a few that we offer:

Eclipse 500/550
Phenom 100
Citation Mustang


Light jets can carry a few more passengers than your typical Very Light jet. These can usually carry up to 8 passengers, depending on the model. They’re a luxurious way to take a small business or pleasure-related trip. Here are a few that we offer:

Learjet 70/75
Nextant 400XTI
Hawker Beechcraft Premier I/II


The mid-sized option is where some of the more luxurious amenities come in. These jets typically carry 8-9 passengers and offer a spacious cabin and plenty of room for each passenger. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the mid-sized option makes for an extremely comfortable and enjoyable flight. Here are a few that we offer:

Gulfstream G150
Falcon 20/200
Citation VII

Super Mid

Super-mids are an even more luxurious version of the mid-sized jet. These can usually carry around 10-12 passengers executive style, and sometimes up to 19 passengers if you’re using them as a corporate shuttle. These can fly for longer distances at greater speeds than mid-sized and they are an excellent option from an economical standpoint, despite their increase in luxury and size. Here are a few that we offer:

Gulfstream G280
Embraer Legacy 600
Hawker 4000


Many heavy jets can carry up to 19 passengers. You can also choose a heavy jet for a smaller number of passengers to travel in extreme luxury. These have first-class amenities and sometimes even sleeping areas. A heavy jet can fly quite far, and is a great option for a luxury flight for a small or large group. Here are a few we offer:

Gulfstream G400
Challenger 650
Gulfstream G650/G650ER


These options can offer the highest in luxury and comfort. Also, certain configurations of these aircraft can ferry up over 200 passengers. There is also plenty of space for a full crew. If you want a truly customizable luxury flight for a large number of passengers, and airliner is the best choice for your needs. Here are a few we offer:

Boeing Business Jet
Boeing 737-200
Boeing 737-700

Private Jet Charters: Any Aircraft, Anywhere, Any Time

If you’re ready to book your next flight, allow Charter Flight Group to assist you. We masterfully manage every aspect of your trip, making everything as stress-free as possible for you and your passengers. Contact us today and we’ll be sure to customize the perfect flight for your needs.