Charter a Private Jet for Spring Break or Easter Vacation

Charter a Private Jet for Spring Break or Easter Vacation


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Charter a Private Jet for Spring Break or Easter Vacation

Ah yes, spring break and Easter vacation 2013. It’s that time of year already and many are now making plans for vacations to spring break destinations such as Cancun, South Padre Island, and all points Miami. Some are planning vacations with their families to Paris and the Bahamas. Where ever your spring break or Easter vacation plans lead you, why not charter a private flight and travel in style, luxury, and comfort.

Indeed, for those planning trips with their Frat House brothers or Sorority Sisters, the cost difference between chartering a private Cessna or Lear jet and flying coach is very minor compared to the convenience and comfort of taking a private jet. For instance, if you are paying only $500 per person for a round-trip flight to Ft. Lauderdale, that comes to $4000 for eight of you and your friends. Why not spend that money better with your own Charter flight? In the process, you will not have to be bothered with busy terminals and long security waits.

And if you are planning a trip with the family to Paris or London for Easter vacation, why bother with the thousands of other annoying vacationers who have no other choice but take a commercial flight? You can do better. Charter your own private jet and arrive relaxed.

Some of the hot destinations for Spring Break this year are Cancun, South Beach Miami, Amsterdam, South Padre Island, Texas, and the numerous Rocky Mountain Ski Resorts not far from Calgary and Vancouver. Indeed, skiing has long been a popular Spring Break destination, but this year it seems that it is more popular than usual. All resorts are recording record numbers of pre-bookings and the time to plan for these trips is now.

One of the more interesting alternatives in the works this year is hiking trips in numerous out-of-the-way locations. For these trips, chartering a private turboprop can get you to the small runways where commercial flights don’t go. For instance, if you are planning to go hiking in the mountains of Northern California, chartering a Cessna Caravan can get you there in comfort while providing the capability of carrying all your hiking gear while still landing a short grass strips. The Caravan is remarkably quiet and roomy and can comfortably seat between 6 and 8 passengers.

Another popular plan according to most Easter vacation blogs seems to be island hopping in the Caribbean. Once again, if you are going to do this, you are going to want a light turboprop aircraft such as the fine Piper Meridian and your own private pilot. Imagine landing first in Jamaica for a night of fun in any of the local cabanas before heading over to any of the numerous small islands in the Bahamas for diving, swimming, or just generally enjoying the more off-the-beaten-track places where most tourists go. The Meridian seats five and features a fully pressurized cabin; so those hops with the family between islands will be accomplished in luxurious comfort.

Finally, if you have an entire organization planning to make a trip for Spring Break, why not book a private airliner? You can. In fact, if your group numbers more than 100, you should consider booking a private Boeing 737 or if you have half that number, consider an Airbus A319. Either aircraft is great for large groups traveling to the same destination.

Essentially, whatever your Spring Break 2013 or Easter Vacation plans, you can’t go wrong with your own private charter plane so be sure to give Charter Flight Group a call today to book your flight. Beat the rush while flights are still available. Call us now and we can make all your arrangements. All you need to do is pack and show up.

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