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A Brief History of Cessna

Cessna is an American aircraft company that is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. It is an aircraft manufacturing corporation that focuses on the general aviation operations that include private jet charter flights. The Cessna Aircraft Company is renowned for its small, piston-powered aircraft.

The history of the Cessna Aircraft Company started in June 1911 when Clyde Cessna, a farmer in Kansas, designed and created his aircraft. He went to Oklahoma to look for bankers who could lend him the funds needed to build his planes. He was disappointed and flew back to Wichita, Kansas.

In 1927, he found a partner in the name of Victor Roos, and this was the time when the Cessna Aircraft was built. They called their partnership company as Cessna-Root Aircraft Company.

The Cessna DC-6, a high-wing four-seat aircraft got the certification on October 29, 1929. It has been used by the United States Army Air Corps as a military transport.

Even though the Cessna Aircraft Company was closed due to the worldwide economic depression, its Cessna CR-3 custom racer won the 1933 American Air race in Chicago as it took its first flight in that the same year.

The following year, Dwane and Dwight Wallace, Cessna’s nephews purchased the Cessna Aircraft Company and began to build it again, aiming to have a global success.

In 1940, the Cessna Aircraft Company received the first bulk order of 33 specially equipped Cessna T-50s. They signed a contract with the US Army. Later in 1940, they signed a contract again for the Royal Canadian Air Force. The order was a total of 180 Cessna T-50s.

In 1946, the Cessna Aircraft Company returned to production, and this was the time when they released the new models, Model 120 and Model 140. Its goal was to introduce an all-metal aircraft that primarily uses dies and jigs instead of the pre-war method of building air frames, the tube-and-fabric construction. In 1948, the Model 140 was awarded as the “Outstanding Plane of the Year”.

In 1969, Cessna Citation I, Cessna’s first business jet that offers private jet charter flights, left the ground under its power.

In 1985, Cessna decided to sell their company to General Dynamics Corporation and started to produce the Cessna Caravan. Cessna was then sold by the General Dynamics Corporation to Textron, Inc. in 1992.

In 2007, Cessna bought the Columbia Aircraft Company as it declared its bankruptcy. Also, in the same year, Cessna introduced its new Cessna 162. The company announced that this model would be made by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.

The following year, the company started to have financial struggles due to the economic recession. Its parent company, Textron Inc., announced that the original production target will be reduced due to the unstable global economic environment.

In 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration had announced a $2.4 million fine to those companies who failed to submit the requirements for quality assurance. Investigations were made, and it resulted in an emergency airworthiness directive.

In 2012, the company started to hire new workers again as the demand in commercial flights and private jet charter flights increased.