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Central Intelligence Agency


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Central Intelligence Agency

Central Intelligence Agency and Air America

The CIA or Central Intelligence Agency has always been the United States’ top spy agency, which is accountable for exposing information on the various threats the nation is facing and performing operations to neutralize those threats. Founded at the start of the Cold War, the agency bloomed during the time when the United States was under constant fear of being overtaken by the Soviet Union.

The CIA is an autonomous government organization, which was founded under National Security Act of 1947. The CIA is a forerunner amongst the 14 various agencies and organizations currently operating in the US Intelligence Community. The job of the Central Intelligence Agency is to help the president, the NSC or National Security Council and other offices, which are involved in the national security policy by giving precise, complete and timely foreign intelligence regarding national security topics. The CIA also aids the chief executive and the national security policy leadership by performing counter intelligence operations, special undertakings and other works involving national security and foreign intelligence as per president’s commands. In the 1990’s, the CIA opened itself to the American public and provided a detailed info on its organizational structure, by which the DCI or director of Central Intelligence manages over the four directorates which are Administration, Science and Technology, Operations and Intelligence.

CIA and Air America

Air America served as a passenger and cargo airline that operated inChina but was secretly owned by the US government during the 1950’s as a mock corporation for the CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency didn’t have sufficient work to maintain the asset, so the National Security Council decided to farm the airline to different government agencies such as the USA ID, US Army, USAF, and for a short time, to the French government. Basically, the airline was utilized by the US government secretly to perform military operations, pretending to be a civilian air carrier in places where the US Armed Forces are not permitted to go because of treaty limitations stipulated in the 1954 and 1962 Geneva Accords.

The slogan of Air America was “Anything, Anywhere, Anytime, Professionally”. Air America has various aircraft at its disposals such as the Pilat us PC-6 Porter, Fair child C-130, Curtis C-46 Commando, Bell 204B, 205, C-123 Provider, CH47C helicopters, and de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou, which flew various cargos to countries like Cambodia, Republic of Vietnam and the Kingdom of Laos. Air America operated bases in the countries mentioned and also bases located in Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan. There were also times where they operated top-secret missions in People’s Republic of China and Burma.

Air Fleet

During its operations, Air America had a lot of aircraft, many of which were capable of doing the short takeoff and landing. There was “flexibility” of aircraft among few companies such as Air America, Continental Air Services Inc., United States Air Force, and BounOum Airways. It wasn’t unusual for the US Air Force and the United States Army Aviation to provide aircraft for Air America during particular missions. The operating authority of Air America was later canceled by the Civil Aeronautics Board on January 31, 1974.