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Brief History of Skyline Chili


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Brief History of Skyline Chili

Skyline Chili is an infamous chain of chili restaurants, which is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. On 1949, the chain of chili restaurants was founded and established by Nicholas Lambrinides, a Greek immigrant. The Skyline Chili was named because of the view of Cincinnati’s skyline.

Skyline Chili serves and operates over 136 restaurants in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida. The restaurants may be considered as fast food and at the same time as casual dining. Diners may sit at a booth or table and be served by a waiter, or at many other chili restaurants, diners can sit at a counter near employees, who were assigned in preparing the food. At all skyline chili restaurants, dishes are massed and assembled at a centrally located service island to enable the diners to watch their food ordered as it is made. Food prepping takes only a few minutes, so one often gets their food quick. Carry-out and drive-through service are also available at Skyline Chili restaurants.

Skyline Chili is different and uncommon on that note; it is not just chili con carne, the meat dish that was originated in Texas. Rather, Cincinnati-style chili is a sauce commonly used over spaghetti or hot dogs, which contains a unique spice blend that gives it a very noticeable taste. The recipe for Skyline Chili is a well-kept family secret and most cared about among Lambrinides’ surviving children. Yet, many Skyline fans and advocates conclude that the different and uncommon taste of Skyline Chili comes from chocolate and cinnamon, spices that are common in Greek cuisine’s meat dishes.

The most popular item that Skyline Chili serves is the Coneys; they have Cheese Coney, Regular Coney, Chili Cheese Sandwich and the Regular Chili Sandwich. Their signature dish is the Way, the 3-way, 4-way, 5-way, and the Chili Spaghetti. They also have Burritos and Chilitos, their original chili and rolled up, other options under Burritos and Chilitos are the Chili Deluxe, Bean Mix Deluxe, and Vegetarian Black Bean Deluxe. Their Skyline’s fresh and select offerings include the Salads and Wraps, Taste their Greek Salad, Buffalo Chicken Salad, and Garden Salad. Their classic bowls, starters, and sides include the Chilli Cheese Fries, Fries, 3-Way Potato and Cheddar Potato and lastly for Skyline fans ten years old and under, Kids 3-Way Special, Kids P’sghetti Special, Kids Coney Special, and Kids Hot Doggy Special.

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