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Brief History of Pratt & Whitney Canada


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Brief History of Pratt & Whitney Canada

PWC or P&WC stands for Pratt & Whitney Canada. P&WC is a manufacturer of aircraft engines, which is based in Canada. The head office of Pratt & Whitney Canada is located in Longueil Quebec, just outside Montreal.   Pratt & Whitney Canada is a division of the larger US-based Pratt & Whitney (P&W). Pratt & Whitney Canada is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC).P&WC was given by United Technologies a world mandate for smaller aircraft engines while Pratt & Whitney’s US operations develop and manufacture larger engines.

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) is considered to be one global leader in aerospace; P&WC is now shaping the future of business, helicopter and regional aviation with dependable, new generation engines. Pratt & Whitney Canada’s operations and service network span all over the globe. The company powers the largest fleet of business and regional aircraft and helicopters with 51,000 engines in more than 200 countries and territories all over the world.

Pratt & Whitney Canada conducts and does its own research even though it is a division of Pratt & Whitney. P&WC also develops, markets, and at the same time manufactures its own engines. As of now, the company has 9,200 employees worldwide, with 6,200 of them in Canada.

It was in November 1928 that The Canadian Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company, Ltd. was established and founded, during this time, it acts as a service center for Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines. Pratt & Whitney assembled series of engines being built in the U.S. during the World War II. The production of Wasp engines was transferred to Pratt & Whitney Canada so that Pratt & Whitney could concentrate on jet engines developing in the year 1952.

A team of 12 P&WC engineers began the development of the first small turbine engine in Canada, the PT6 in the late 1950s. It was in the year 1963. The first example was delivered to a customer.

The company was renamed in 1962 as United Aircraft of Canada(UAC) and assumed its current name in 1975.

In the year 1963, a total of 41 Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King (originally CHSS-2) helicopters were delivered to the Royal Canadian Navy. The airframe components were made by Sikorsky in Connecticut, but most were assembled by UAC in Longueuil, Quebec.

As of March 2014, Pratt & Whitney Canada operates Boeing 747SP and McDonnell Douglas MD-80R aircraft as test beds for new engines. These aircraft are being used for charter plane flights. If you’re interested in chartering one of these planes, contact Charter Flight Group.

These are the products of Pratt & Whitney Canada:

  • Pratt & Whitney JT12 – initial development, then transferred to US Pratt & Whitney
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A/B/C
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PW200
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PW300
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PW500
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PW600
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PW900