Book Your Private Flight to Nassau to Get Impressed by Its Nassau

Book Your Private Jet Charter Flight to Nassau to Get Impressed by Its Nassau


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Book Your Private Jet Charter Flight to Nassau to Get Impressed by Its Nassau

Nassau, a commercial center of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is the capital and as well as the largest city in the Bahamas. The total population as of 2010 census in Nassau is 248,948, which consist of the 70 percent of the entire population in the Bahamas (353,658). Nassauis located on the island of New Providence, which main role is much like a business district. This city is the site of the House of Assembly and different and discrete judicial departments, and it was considered anciently to be a fortress of pirates.

In honor of William of Orange-Nassau, the city was named after him. The name Nassau comes from the House of Orange-Nassau, the said house was from the town of Nassau, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany.

The city of Nassau was previously known as Charles Town. During the Spanish era. In 1684, the city was burned to the ground. It was in 1965 that the city was rebuilt and reconstructed and was renamed the City of Nassau under the leadership of Governor Nicholas Trott. Nassau experienced hard times due to lack of effective leadership among the Governors (after Trott’s leadership). In 1703, Spanish and French allied forces shortly occupied and dominated Nassau.

Downtown Nassau has been the center of all activities. A lot of people visits Nassau daily just to shop, dine, sightsee and of course to enjoy the tropical climate of the city.

Nassau is considered as one of the most popular cruise ship ports in the Caribbean. Nassau Harbor was secured and guarded by Paradise Island, commotion with traffic, and Prince George Wharf can take seven of the behemoths at the same time. With the result, Nassau now is a booming city.

Adventurous and pleasure seekers from all over the world come to visit the city just to relax in the warm, tropical climate, sunbathe on the white and creamy sands of Cable Beach, browse and shop in the downtown duty-free stores and above all, enjoy the fun and the escapade of themed resorts.

When in Nassau, Bahamas, don’t miss the chance to roam around the city. Ensure to visit Atlantis, the Cable Beach, Downtown and Bay Street, Paradise Island, Nassau Street Market, Blue Lagoon Island, National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, Queen’s staircase, Government House, Pirates of Nassau Museum, Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Center.

If you want to experience all of these attractions in a single city, then visiting Nassau Bahamas is a great idea. Feel relaxed and enjoy the warm and tropical climate in the city and even visit the top tourist attractions in Nassau. Book a charter plane flight to Nassau no was it provides you a more comfortable and convenient travel experience. Chartering a plane flight allows you to choose whom you will fly with, and of course, you have the last say on what time to fly. Feel free to ask assistance on booking your charter plane fight with Charter Flight Group.