Book a Private Flight to See These Must-See Spots in Seattle

Book a Private Flight to See These Must-See Spots in Seattle


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Book a Private Flight to See These Must-See Spots in Seattle

There are a lot of tourist spots when you visit Seattle. The city has outdoor attractions and a lot of museums and historical sites. Check out a few of the top spots below.

Seattle Center & the Space Needle

Seattle Center and its popular Space Needle were made for the World Fair of 1962 but have been made into an entertainment center and park with restaurants, theaters, and sports facilities. There are modern tourist attractions thriving around the area, which includes musical escapades by the Experience Music Project and remarkable artworks of Chihuly Garden and Glass. And although the place is a local meeting place, the futuristic structure of the Seattle Central Library is worth visiting.

Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market is open the whole year-round and is considered as the most iconic attraction of Seattle. The market’s aisle is teeming with fruits and veggies, tables filled with fresh bouquets of flowers and many booths selling locally made clothing, gifts, and jewelry. The market also offers great eateries serving prepared dishes. If you don’t know what you like to eat, visit Pike Place Market and taste a little of everything or try the different market tours that center on history, food or a combination of both.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park has an area of 550 acres and is Seattle’s biggest park. On the westernmost edge of the park is the West Point Lighthouse;however, many parts of the park are looking over the Puget Sound, and there are a lot of amazing views of the mountains. The park also includes forest, meadows, and coastline, which offers a great escape away from the city and provides a home for various wildlife. There’s also an environment learning center that hosts interactive shows and exhibits focusing on the park and education program for people of all ages.

Downtown Waterfront

Before too long, the traffic-filled Alaskan Way Viaduct that cuts off the waterfront from downtown Seattle will be brought down and substituted by a tunnel. But for now, there is a wide sidewalk beside the harbor front that has eateries which are famous with fish and chips, shops and wooden piers extending out going to the bay. Visit the Seattle Aquarium to check out what wildlife is in and beyond the local water. Visitors can also ride the Seattle Great Wheel, which is a 175-foot Ferris wheel that has enclosed gondola-typed cabins, for viewing the great city of Seattle, the Olympic Mountains, and Elliot Bay.

‘The Original’ Starbucks/Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Sometimes mistaken as the first ever Starbucks, “the original” Starbucks found in downtown Seattle is very popular for many tourists. The “original” Starbucks is not the first one. However, the first storefront was situated in 2000 Western Avenue during the early 70’s, but the store owner decided to put up shop just on the market, which today is where tourists visit. Although there are many Starbucks all over the city, tourists go to this shop.

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